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Adventure course of the leisure center in Etampes

Publié le 11 April 2011 Par My B.
Parcours aventure de la Base de loisirs d'Etampes

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La base de loisirs d'Etampes
5 Avenue Charles De Gaulle

A course in the trees with 25 workshops (with no harness... though truly secure!) is waiting for your!

The regional base of Etampes offers many activities, amongst which an adventure course in the trees, with 25 workshops all the way up there, in the trees. All fun, no risk, thanks to a giant net.

Open: Wednesdays and weekends, from 14h (2 p.m) to 18h (6 p.m) (weather permitting)
Minimum size of 1m20 for users
Closed-in shoes required (sneakers, etc.)

Takes 30 to 45 mn to complete
Price: 6 € / pers

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