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Wino & Conny Ochs

Publié le 2 mars 2012
Wino & Conny Ochs

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Le... 17 mars 2012

14 rue Saint Denis
75001 Paris 1

8.00 euros

Exile on Mainstream et Season of Mist présentent : Wino (Saint Vitus) & Conny Ochs – En set acoustique

19h30 – 8 €


Le Klub – 14 rue Saint Denis
75001 Paris – Metro : Châtelet

TOTAL GUITAR: “Wino’s aggressive picking complements Ochs’ loose- fingered strum. Just guitar and voice, Heavy Kingdom is poignant folk/country reminiscent of Wino’s first acoustic album Adrift.”

CLASSIC ROCK: “This is hopefully the beginning of the fruits of a great partnership.”

ROCK N REEL: “A mean and memorable display of true grit.”

METAL HAMMER UK: “Heavy Kingdom’s spontaneity and the clear chemistry between the great man and the relatively youthful Conny Ochs wins out, producing 10 soulful slices of folky, bluesy Americana, all as unguarded as they are unadorned”

BIZARRE: “Unplugged, blusey guitar tunes, typified by the moody title track. Just pour yourself a whiskey, press play and languish in your sorrows.”

ROCKSOUND: “A rich, soulful trading of woes in the classic tradition, full of heartache, pathos and highway-traipsing loneliness…these two gents have…struck upon something rather grand indeed.”

BEARD ROCK: “There’s plenty to offer to make this a gratifying experience.”

SKINNY: “Resplendent with a healthily unforced vocal sincereity and some nicely judged bluesy guitar work.”


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