Guernica, the compelling exhibition at Paris Musée Picasso

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Published by Maïlys C. · Photos by Elodie D. · Published on 8 January 2019 at 17h07
Located in the Marais area, the Musée national Picasso-Paris dedicates an exhibition to the story of the famous “Guernica” painting, created 81 years ago. To visit from March 27 to July 29, 2018.

An entire exhibition for one painting, are you surprised? And yet! We stopped counting the books that are entirely dedicated to this painting, and by that means, the artists’ and art historians’ careers it inspired. Because Guernica is not a simple painting, it’s an icon.

Painted by Pablo Picasso in 1937, Guernica is a true scream of the heart, the one of an uprooted Spanish man who sees his country getting lost in an unbearable war. It follows an extremely sad event: on April 26, 1937, the city of Guernica is bombed by German Nazis and Italian fascists troops, according to the command of Spanish nationalists. This small city wasn’t armed at all to defend itself against the sixty planes that attacked with a bombing alternating explosive and incendiary bombs, the very first one in the story of Humankind.

As many humanists, Picasso had been obsessed with Guernica and created dozens of drawings and preparatory studies before his monumental painting. For this exhibition, the Musée national Picasso-Paris enjoys an exceptional loan of sketches from the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reine Sofia as well as a partnership with the Archives Nationales de France [French Archives].

History and art often meet unceremoniously. Guernica is a very breathtaking example. An exhibition you don’t want to miss!

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From 27 March 2018 to 29 July 2018



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