Calder-Picasso, the exhibition at Paris Musée Picasso

Published by Elodie D. · Published on 28 January 2019 at 13h09
From February 10 to August 25, 2019 Paris Musée Picasso offers a Calder-Picasso exhibition. These two innovative figures of art in the 20th century have studied the artistic expression of the “matrix of the void” including works focusing on void and the signs of kinetic art.

Calder and Picasso at Musée Picasso-Paris, it sounds like a wonderful experience likely to make our heads spin from February 19 to August 25, 2019 including 150 works playing with weightlessness.

As part of the modernity in the 20th century, Picasso and Calder have both brought new perspectives to art at the origin of kinetic art.

Yes, Alexander Calder (1898-1976) and Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) have changed our ways to see space with sculptures playing with the mass movement.

But they differ with how they approach these movements. For Alexander Calder, it’s vital to push the limits of comprehension “by mobilizing unique forces defying the dimensional limits”. According to Pablo Picasso, works have to keep a more subjective dimension.

During a symposium at the Musée Picasso, Carmen Giménez recalled that “Picasso is the first artist to become aware of the specificity and the autonomy of the sculptural means of expression such as mass, weight, profiles, plans, space, light, surfaces and the material itself”.

As a matter of fact, starting in 1923, Pablo Picasso produces his first “drawings in space” for the staging of the “Mercure” ballet and a few years later, it’s alongside Braque that Pablo Picasso will discover the art of welded metal and its projection in the void that will be part of his work for years!

This is this part of the history of art that the Musée Picasso Paris will make us rediscover and hopes for beautiful discoveries!

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From 19 February 2019 to 25 August 2019



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