Romantic Paris, the exhibition at Paris Petit Palais

Published by Elodie D. · Published on 27 May 2019 at 10h50 · Updated on 27 May 2019 at 11h04
The Petit Palais dedicates a beautiful exhibition to Romantic Paris in the years 1815-1848. Running from May 22 to September 15, 2019, the exhibition offers a walk through the French capital during its urban revolution.

Petit Palais compelling exhibition Romantic Paris, 1815-1848, offers a large panorama of the French capital during the romantic years, from the Fall of Napoleon to the Revolution in 1848. This period being full of political events, digital displays tell us everything about the Restauration, the 1830 Revolution, the July Monarchy and the 1848 Revolution.

Immersive, the exhibition is designed like a walk to discover the emblematic neighborhoods at that time: the Tuileries, the Palais-Royal, the Nouvelle-Athènes, the Victor Hugo’s Notre Dame and the Grands Boulevards.

Let’s start the tour in the lounges of the Palais des Tuileries, royal residence and headquarters of the political power, evocated thanks to loans and let’s meet the Duchess of Berry and Marie of Orléans.

Then, we’re led to a walk in the Galleries of the Palais Royal, these shopping and semi-covered galleries so coveted back in the days and still visible today. A whole lot of luxury items and fashion accessories remind us of the fineness of the art crafts at that time.

After this stroll, we move on to the Salon du Louvre. We find works by Chassériau, Delacroix, Girodet, Ingres and even Vernet and David d’Angers.

Then, we visit the Latin Quarter, the Chaussée d’Antin, the Nouvelle Athènes area and the Grands Boulevards.

A fascinating nod of the Romantics to the Middle Ages is done with Notre-Dame de Paris, historical place highlighted by Victor Hugo in 1831. It inspires artists, painters, drawers as well as opera writers (Louise Bertin) and characters – Esmeralda, Phoebus, Quasimodo are the inspiration behind many knick-knacks.

Paintings and engravings tell us about the life of these bohemian artists living a life of misery, as well as the popular entertainments such as balls and dressed parties.

Paris Romantique, l'exposition au Petit PalaisParis Romantique, l'exposition au Petit PalaisParis Romantique, l'exposition au Petit PalaisParis Romantique, l'exposition au Petit Palais

The walk delivered by the Petit Palais ends in the streets of the French capital in February 1848 during the Revolution and that puts an end to the July Monarchy. We have a lithography showing a Gavroche sitting on Louis-Philippe’s throne, a character depicting the disillusion of the Romantics.

To complete the exhibition, head to the Musée de la Vie Romantique that provides an immersion to the heart of the literary salons of the Romantic Paris.

We’re looking forward to discovering these exhibitions!

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