Body and Soul, the exhibition at the Louvre - Reopening in December 2020

Published by Elodie D., Laurent P. · Published on 30 November 2020 at 14h52 · Updated on 30 November 2020 at 15h15
The Louvre highlights the sculpture in Italy from Donatello to Michelangelo (1460-1520). We discover the studies carried out by sculptors to express their feelings in the more realistic way possible. To be enjoyed from December 15, 2020 to January 18, 2021.

With this exhibition, Body and Soul, the Louvre endeavors to present an important part of the Italian Renaissance: the almost scientific research for realism. For 4 months, from October 22, 2020 to January 18, 2021, the Parisian museum brings together a whole bunch of sculptures from the Quattrocento to the early Cinquecento. A retrospective that is the sequel to an exhibition displayed at the Louvre between 2013 and 2014 named Le Printemps de la Renaissance [The Spring of Renaissance].

At that age, sculptors take it into their heads to present men in a realistic way, from their physical traits to their intimate feelings. These researches will lead Donatello, Lombardo then Michelangelo to study fury, grace as well as all the traits that could move and convince viewers. This work on representing feelings will be at the heart of the second half of the Quattrocento and the early Cinquecento, the apex of the Renaissance and leading to Michelangelo’s works.

One last topic is approached here, "From Dionysos to Apollo" highlighting "the endless thought about the classic Antiquity expressing through sculpture, developing the research for a new harmony going beyond the naturalism of gestures and extreme feelings". To go even further in these studies, the Louvre presents – next to theses sculptures – the major paintings and sketches from that time and most of them come from the Castello Sforzesco museum in Milano. Let's go and enjoy Renaissance Italy, friends, shall we?

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From 22 October 2020 to 18 January 2021



    Pyramide - Cour Napoléon
    75001 Paris 1

    Métro Palais Royal - Musée du Louvre

    tarif -26 ans UE: Free
    tarif plein: 15 €

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