Victor Hugo’s house in Paris, dive into the famous writer's universe

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Published by Cécile D. · Photos by Cécile D. · Published on 13 April 2022 at 12h15
Victor Hugo’s house is hidden Place des Vosges, in the heart of Paris. Dedicated to the most famous of French writers, the museum allows you to discover where the artist and his family lived.

Working cabinet, bedroom, Chinese lounge, dining room... All the rooms where Victor Hugo lived, where he imagined and wrote some of his greatest works, where he received his friends and lovers... How about (almost) literaly walk in the footsteps of the writer? Come and discover Victor Hugo’s house set Place des Vosges in Paris. The writer's former apartment is now a monographic museum, allowing you to admire the French artist's place of life.

Visit the different living rooms, as well as temporary exhibitions, regularly renewed and held on the first floor of the house. These exhibitions allow you to know more about the writer's life, his hidden skills, his influence, his relationships, his passions... Original editions, paintings and sculptures paying tribute to the writer, sketchings, photographs, cartoons, and pieces of furniture are given pride of place through the museum's permanent and temporary displays.

La maison de Victor Hugo à Paris - nos photosLa maison de Victor Hugo à Paris - nos photosLa maison de Victor Hugo à Paris - nos photosLa maison de Victor Hugo à Paris - nos photos

This tour takes you by renovated service stairs – among others – the very same stairs Victor Hugo climbed up and down when he wanted to go out and in discreetly. The staircase enjoys a new staging to better fit the atmosphere of the house. Red wallpaper, stained-glass windows, small characters from Victor Hugo's novels, it is now a worthy way in and out of the house. This staircase also enables you to exit by the courtyard, a courtyard likely to become your new favorite spot in Paris.

When the weather is great, you can enjoy the furbished inner courtyard. This place - that used to belonged to the neighboring vocational school - has been recovered and refurbished to provide a relaxing area to visitors. For instance, you can enjoy a resin copy of the Fontaine aux Serpents, a decorative item bought by Hugo and he took with him when exiled to Guernesey.

This plant-lined courtyard now houses a café managed by maison Mulot, a brand always at the cutting edge of modernity, but always without forgetting pastry classics. This new fusion is likely to please you: the café is the perfect place for a sweet break between two stories about Victor Hugo’s life.

To complete your visit, feel free to use the touch screen terminals set at the entrance and the exit of the house. "The first terminal enables to see a timeline recounting the life of Victor Hugo with many pictures. This element was highly required by our visitors. The second terminal takes us on a tour of the Guernesey house, room by room, to make the connection between Victor Hugo's two houses", director Gérard Audinet explains.

The director is also proud to present the latest smartphone application that will change the way you visit the museum. Called "Chez Victor Hugo", this app is used as a free audioguide working in six different languages. There is also a tour fitting children, a sign language-friendly tour, and an off-the-wall tour focusing on the writer's funerals, enabling us to know more about the main steps of the funeral procession from the Champs-Elysées to the Pantheon. This tour is also related to the Victor Hugo exhibition at the Pantheon.

La maison de Victor Hugo à Paris - nos photosLa maison de Victor Hugo à Paris - nos photosLa maison de Victor Hugo à Paris - nos photosLa maison de Victor Hugo à Paris - nos photos

Always a forerunner in welcoming and making people at ease, Victor Hugo's house also offers - via the app - a special tour for blind and visually impaired people. The app not only enables to guide you through the house without problem, but also includes comments and description of furniture and works of art around.

Come and discover the life and work of this remarkable man who grew into a genuine monument in the History of France.

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    75004 Paris 4


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