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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Laurent P. · Published on 31 October 2020 at 18h41
Available online, the digital “Notre-Dame de Paris en plus de 100 oeuvres” exhibition returns on the history of the cathedral and walks across the greatest events it witnessed through a selection of over 100 reproduction of works of all time eras.

Iconic monument in Paris, the cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris marks the Parisian landscape for over 800 years. A little bit over a year ago, on April 15, 2019, a fire burnt down the frame and the spire, terribly moving France and the world.

Today, Paris Musées offers you to rediscover the history of the cathedral with the “'Notre-Dame de Paris en plus de 100 oeuvres” exhibition. As its name suggests it, this digital exhibition offers you to walk through the history of Notre-Dame and attend the main events it witnessed with a selection of over 100 reproductions of works of art of all times.

Now, let’s have a little history memo! Built between 1163 and 1345, the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral has known many alterations, often aiming at upgrading it to the time period and erase its gothic character.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, the cathedral has suffered several mutilations (destruction of the rood screen, the altar, the stained-glass windows, suppression of the gargoyles, widening of the main portal). Erected in 1250, the spire is removed in 1786. Different blueprints and works show this tumultuous story, currently kept at the musée Carnavalet and displayed in the digital exhibition to guide visitors into the adventure of this iconic construction.

During the French Revolution, the cathedral is mutilated and sacked before being integrated to national goods. The 1801 concordat restores catholic cult and Notre-Dame de Paris gets its original use back.

In the 19th century, Victor Hugo’s famous Novel The Hunchback of Notre-Dame sparks a true enthusiasm and Notre-Dame de Paris definitely gets in the heart of all French. It becomes the place for national funerals and celebrations of military victories especially during the Liberation of Paris.

The “Notre-Dame de Paris en plus de 100 oeuvresdigital exhibition goes back on the history of the cathedral through many works from different museums of the City of Paris, the Musée Carnavalet, obviously, as well as the Petit Palais, the musée d'Art moderne de la Ville de Paris, the maison de Victor Hugo, the musée de la vie romantique and even the musée de la Libération de Paris

Paintings, drawings, engravings and other photographs by Charles Le Brun, Victor Hugo, Eugène Atget and even Brassaï feed this reproduction collection, most of it being also downloadable for free.

Let’s enjoy this (online) exhibition, shall we?

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