Antique Quantique, the Leo Caillard exhibition at Dali Paris

Published by Sponsorisé · Published on 11 June 2021 at 16h27 · Updated on 17 June 2021 at 11h45
For the first time since renovations, Dali Paris makes Dali and a contemporary artist talk about the antique heritage and the way it goes on across the centuries.

Although metamorphosis is the art of getting rid of time, framework and rational thought, Salvador Dali makes of it a key element in his creative process: variations, transformations, anamorphosis, disguising, assimilation of any new invention, creative bulimia, pair the search for a living canvas, the expression of a fictive reality, an augmented reality he wanted to reach. Pictures he turns into sculptures, jewels, holograms, three-dimension screening of his pictorial work invent a way of visualizing fantasy, touching senses, reaching “concrete irrationality”.

By inviting Leo Caillard whose work has been first noticed by the transformation of antique statues into real preppies, Dali Paris wishes to initiate talks about the antique heritage and the way it goes on, spanning centuries, like these Venuses subject to morphological distortions. Twisting Heracles into an urban hipster explores the notion of identity and through the artist’ benevolent transgression, “displays the individuals we are today, marked by social and style codes”. But is this interference of modernity of the ideal and platonic beauty aim at blocking natural impacts of time and defeat death by reaching the art of immortality, like Dali’s obsession for shapes?

Because “encountering with History” is for Leo Caillard – and for Dali – “a way to understand time”. But this quest for comprehension is much wider for both artists fascinated by sciences, Dali with the surge of the atomic bomb, and Caillard with the growth of quantum physics. Although this discipline aims at a skilled public, it remains a source of fascination and even fantasies like quantum calculators able to execute even the strongest algorithms. Relying – in a very schematic way – on the simultaneous existence of bodies in several states, it wonders about the limit of perception. If by dressing up statues, or showing them distorted Caillard may want us to think about the likely superposition of incompatible states, perhaps?

Incompatible or rather unthinkable, our states during the period that happened seem to have been deep scruples. Constrained horizons, and redefinition of our references, our perception of things and time have toughened up, frozen.

To try and soften these psychologic angles, Dali Paris invites you to attend an intimate dialog between the two artists and enjoy modern and contemporary aesthetic of an unchanging beauty. Therefore, is created a reflection about material and intellectual permanence, in a period of time where immediacy and temporariness dominate information, economy and even human relationships. Are we able to measure the simultaneous existence of several hypotheses without polarizing, like the Schrödinger’s cat?

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From 9 June 2021 to 26 September 2021



    11, rue Poulbot, Espace Montmartre
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