The Synagogue de Nazareth in Paris

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Built during the Second Empire, the Synagogue de Nazareth deserves a long stop to discover its beautiful architecture.

Let’s keep visiting Paris synagogues. After the Grand Synagogue of Paris and the Synagogue des Tournelles discover now the Synagogue de Nazareth.

The Synagogue de Nazareth is the oldest synagogue in Paris. Its construction is authorized in 1819 by Louis XVIII. But it’s not the one ruling in Paris 3rd arrondissement. The first synagogue has been built in lieu in 1822 by architect Sandrié de Jouy but the latter fell into ruin and destroyed in 1850.

A new and more solid synagogue (since it still stands today!) is built by architect Alexandre Thierry and inaugurated in 1852. The massive door of this beautiful synagogue of neo-Moorish style is topped with a flat and crenelated pediment, a clock, a rose window with the Star of David and the motto of the French Republic.

Histoire de la Synagogue NazarethHistoire de la Synagogue NazarethHistoire de la Synagogue NazarethHistoire de la Synagogue Nazareth

To visit the inside of the Synagogue de Nazareth, it’s advised to call to visit it during the services. Because inside this synagogue listed a historical monument since 1986 deserves a long tour!

Its beautiful two-story galleries are lovingly painted with blue and yellow and supported by cast iron columns. This synagogue now dedicated to Sephardic rite has been one of the first synagogues in Paris to get an organ during its construction.

A must-seen for amateurs! 

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15 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth
75003 Paris 3


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