Quirky museums in Paris

Published by Manon C., Rizhlaine F. · Published on 12 April 2021 at 22h29
Haaa Paris, its monuments and its museums known worldwide. The Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Sacré Coeur… Everyone knows them. But do you know these quirky museums? Here’s a quick scan of the museums we don’t necessarily think of!

Paris is filled with many cultural institutions likely to delight you. But if during your first tour you discovered everything about the Louvre and its mysteries, the Centre Pompidou and its pipes, the Sacré Coeur and its heights, don’t think that you know all the secrets of the French capital. Here, you’ll find a list of original and quirky museums that also deserve their spot in your circuit tour.

The Musée du Fumeur
For a long time, we mixed it up with smoking cannabis and yet, this address has nothing to see with Marijuana. Here, it’s really all about the broader smoking that’s presented. The shamanic aspect of smoke, the evolution of tobacco in society, the social involvements…

The Musée du Parfum
Within walking distance from the Paris Opera, in a private mansion, the Musée du Parfum reveals for free the secret of the manufacturing of perfume, from the research of the raw materials to the extraction of their essences until it’s bottled. It’s in a décor of a perfumery plant of the late 19th century that the visitor is invited to roam to discover ancient objects, archives as well as a wonderful collection of priceless small bottles from the Antiquity to nowadays.

The Musée du Vin
Here’s a typically French museum ironically set in rue des Eaux [Water street]! The Musée du Vin [Wine museum] in Paris 16th arrondissement can be found in the former cellars of the Passy Abbey that were used by monks to store their wine. Over 2000 objects on the wine culture and grapevine are displayed to visitors. At the end of the tour, a glass of wine is even offered. Finally, for foodies, you can give a try to the museum’s restaurant in the vaulted cellars. I bet these are the pros of the wine pairings!

The Caves du Louvre
Here’s a place in direct relationship with the Wine museum. Set near the Louvre, the Caves du Louvre [the Louvre Cellars] are open to the public for not quite a long time. The famous so-called cellars date from the 18th century. They have been built by King Louis XV’s sommelier Trudon. Today, the public can go there to discover the whole world of oenology and French terroir. Aromas, tastes, sounds… All your senses will put to the test. A tasting is organized at the end, you can even create your own wine during a special workshop!

The Musée des Arts Forains
This mysterious museum nestled near Bercy Village is full of surprises. You have to fix an appointment to visit it but don’t think it will alter your enthusiasm. You can, thanks to your guide, dive into the pleasure of your childhood over again and take part in many attractions. You’ll love this magical place, it’s undeniable.

The Musée de la Magie
Here’s a museum that will delight children and adults. In the heart of Le Marais, the Musée de la Magie [Museum of Magic] invites magicians in the making to discover the story of magic through show objects, magic props, posters, as well as optical illusions and automated figures! Some famous illusions and magic tricks will be also revealed such as the trick of the woman cut into two halves. Careful though, you don’t want to recreate it at home before you make sure you know all the secrets behind it.

Foodies rejoice, Choco-Story is the chocolate temple in Paris! Between history and tasting, you’ll learn everything about this delicious ingredient delighting taste buds. You discover everything from its origins to its export without forgetting the evolution of how it’s used.

The Musée Fragonard in Maisons-Alfort
The Musée Fragonard is one of the oldest museums in France and depends on the Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire in Maisons-Alfort. Don’t be surprised to see skeletons and animals! Real cabinet of curiosities, the Musée Fragonard reveals a surprising collection of skeletons and pet casts as well as humans including the famous “Ecorchés de Fragonard”.  A wonderful alternative solution to the great Musée Dupuytren that unfortunately closed its doors in 2016. Careful, it’s not for the faints of heart!

Enjoy your tour!

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