Come and celebrate Disneyland Paris 25th anniversary!

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Published by Julie M. · Published on 27 March 2017 at 14h40 · Updated on 22 May 2017 at 12h16
Disneyland Paris invites you to celebrate its 25th anniversary. New attractions, new shows, new animations and first and foremost a new dazzling finale called “Illuminations”! If you want to know more about what Disneyland Paris has in stores, keep reading!

It has been already 25 years since the King of Theme Parks has open in France, for our greatest pleasure. To celebrate this event, Disneyland Paris cooked you a very special program. For its 20th anniversary the park launched the show Disney Dreams, so let’s discover all together what is in store to celebrate this quarter-century.


Two flagship attractions at Disneyland Paris are currently under renovations to come back in Spring 2017 so we can immerse ourselves in the universe of Star Wars.

  • Star Tours: The Adventures Continue (From March 26, 2017)
    This thrilling ride will take you aboard a 3D intergalactic trip during which you will cross several destinations from the Star Wars galaxy, whilst you will be interacting with the heroes from the saga. The Force will take you everywhere, you can then visit Jakku, Hoth, Tatooine, the Death Star and many other places. Each scenario, each path and sudden development are unpredictable allowing you to live out an experience all the more original.

    Disneyland Paris fête ses 25 ans
  • Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain (Spring 2017)
    The famous Space Mountain ride, which sends thousands of people into hyperspace daily since 2005, changes its setting for the 3rd time! After Jules Verne’s From the Earth to the Moon-inspired ride and Space Mountain Mission 2, launch yourself into Hyperspace Mountain that will cross Star Wars galaxy at the speed of light. Avoid TIE fighters and blow up a Star Destroyer!

    Disneyland Paris fête ses 25 ans


  • Disney Stars on Parade
    The new parade called Disney Stars on Parade is going to be on fire! With multiple Disney stars, new floats, new costumes, new music and a very emotional moment to share.

Disneyland Paris fête ses 25 ans

  • Mickey presents: Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris
    Every day, Mickey invites you to celebrate Disneyland Paris Anniversary.

    Disneyland Paris fête ses 25 ans

  •  The Starlit Princess Waltz
    Disney princesses invite you to discover their new show on the stage of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

    Disneyland Paris fête ses 25 ans
  • The spectacularly sparkly Disney Illuminations show
    At nightfall, let’s all gather at the Castle to discover the new sound and light show led by Mickey with breathtaking special effects. Spectators will be taken into the universe of the Little Mermaid, the brand-new Beauty and the Beast film, Frozen, Star Wars and even Pirates of the Caribbean. The whole family will be mesmerized.

Disneyland Paris fête ses 25 ans

Discover the behind the scene of the new “Illuminations” show:

There it is! This season is now open since last weekend! To relive this moment in presence of John Legend and the full new Disney Dream show, take a look here:

Disneyland Paris has been enchanting us for 25 years now and they still manage to make us dream.

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Disneyland Paris 25th anniversary 
From March 26, 2017

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From 26 March 2017 to 31 December 2017



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