Thoiry Zoo and its novelties 2018

Thoiry Zoo will reopen from Wednesday February 17 to Monday December 31, 2018. For this new season, the team in Thoiry domain is happy to celebrate its 50th birthday with its public and presents its novelties!

After its winter break, Thoiry Zoo reopens its doors on Saturday February 17 and until late 2018. This year, it’s been 50 years since ZooSafari Thoiry opened to the public, and it seems to be a good date to entirely rebuild the zoo visual identity: new graphic identity, new logo and surprising innovations are planned for this year.

Adventurers can now:

  • ROAR WITH PLEASURE by flying over lions and a part of the safari
  • MONKEY AROUND by climbing in the Safari Air Park while enjoying a wonderful point of view on the animals from the African Savannah
  • PERK UP AGAIN by walking from island to island to get close to some species of lemurs
  • SMELL MUSKY by leaving for a unique safari in a bush truck

While the ziplining and the Safari Truck opened last summer, the park always offers more thrills to its guests with the Safari Air Park and the Lemurtrek.

Safari Air Park:

The Safari Air Park is 1.500 sqm of bouncing nets stretched out across trees, 9 meters above the ground! Perfectly in respect with the estate centenary oaks, the nets have no constraints or strength on the trees, this new dispositive allows to highlight them! These trees can be admired all over again by thousands of visitors. Safed and harnessed brave children and adults will feel free. From up there, they can admire the African Savannah with an unobstructed view.


Located a few feet from the mini farm and the playground area, the 3 islands that used to be a territory exclusively reserved for lemurs are now open to the general public. Visitors can go on these islands linked by footbridges and rope bridges. The tour offers you to observe lemurs up-close of course, as well as six other species of lemurs that live all together in freedom. Lemurs with white forehead and black lemurs have been joined by white and black ruffed lemurs, red ruffed lemurs and red-bellied lemurs as well as crowned lemurs.

Zoo de Thoiry et ses nouveautés 2018Zoo de Thoiry et ses nouveautés 2018Zoo de Thoiry et ses nouveautés 2018Zoo de Thoiry et ses nouveautés 2018

Trek des Andes [The Andes Trek]:

This new area with market stall and bright colors is devoted to three species typical from South America: the alpaca (a domestic cousin of the vicuña and the guanaco), the Patagonian Mara (a rodent somewhat rabbit-like) and the Guinea pig (a small rodent well known by kids and coming from the Andes)! Just next to them, tapirs, capybaras and giant anteater (a strange 2-m long mammal with a heavy fur and impressive claws) can be observed in a wide park where they rub shoulders like in the nature.

Trek Australien [Australian Trek]:

A new immersive area opens its doors in 2018: a big 25-m long aviary houses Australian coconut lorikeets and other colorful species of parakeets of all sizes. Adventurers can feed birds with fruit nectar in this aviary featuring a lush vegetation. The latter leads visitors to a park devoted to wallabies, kangaroos, emus and southern cassowaries.

In short, a wonderful program of novelties to discover this park always closer to nature and animals.


Julie M.
Last updated on 2 May 2018

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From 17 February 2018 to 31 December 2018



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