Nigloland: What’s new in 2019

Theme park set a few kilometers from Troyes, Nigloland reopens from April 6 to November 3, 2019. And this year, many novelties can be expected!

First of all, Nigloland is a family story: the Gelis-Caron family continues 6 generations of tradition of show, circus and funfair. After starting in the circus business in 1838 with Frédéric Caron, the circus manager and trapeze artist, and his brother Philippe Caron, clown, the family never left the entertainment business.

We find them again from 1925 on the roads of France at the head of the most beautiful funfairs in the country before settling down in 1987 when the brothers Philippe and Patrice Gelis created Nigoland on the family lands.

Nigloween 2017Nigloween 2017Nigloween 2017Nigloween 2017

A family tradition not likely to stop, as shows the arrival of Rodolphe, Phillipe’s son and Valentine, Patrice’s daughter, running the park in early 2017.

Today, with about forty attractions including 12 thrilling rides and 28 that are kids-friendly for kids under 1 meter, its 8 restaurants and its Hôtel des Pirates 4*, in 2018, Nigloland has been elected by its peers the 3rd best theme parks in Europe before some major international groups.

Nigloween 2017Nigloween 2017Nigloween 2017Nigloween 2017

Nigloland welcomes you on a 40-acre field at the heart of the Forêt d’Orient in the Aube department and invites you to visit the 4 themed villages:

  • The Village Merveilleux [Wonder Village] with 16 attractions
  • The Village Canadien [Canadian Village] with 7 attractions
  • The Village Suisse [Swiss Village] with 7 attractions
  • The Village Rock’n’Roll [Rock’n’Roll Village] with 7 attractions
Nigloween 2017Nigloween 2017Nigloween 2017Nigloween 2017

Speaking of attractions, little by little, Nigoland wanted to get rid of its image of theme parks for kids with its 27 attractions available for kids under 1-m tall, and for a few years now, it offers new thrilling rides. We find the world’s highest rotative drop tower: the Donjon de l’Extrême inaugurated in 2016. This attraction allows the boldest visitors to enjoy a 360° panoramic view over the park before a vertiginous 100-m drop stopped by magnets at the end.

Nigloween 2017Nigloween 2017Nigloween 2017Nigloween 2017

Among the novelties 2019:

  • The Eden Palais - Carousel Museum

Starting this April, discover the new place filled with Nigloland's history, the Eden Palais gathering a museum, a tea house, a movie theater area and an authentic attraction: The 1900's Carousel. Also present, Limonaire brothers' organ that belongs to the family as well as La Route de l'Essence a collector's ride from the 60's. A space improved every year to provide children and their parents  more surprises!

Nigloland : les nouveautés 2018Nigloland : les nouveautés 2018Nigloland : les nouveautés 2018Nigloland : les nouveautés 2018

And to discover the other attractions, click the video below:

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Last updated on 1 April 2019


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