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Montparnasse Tower rooftop to become a skating track

Published on 17 October 2017 By Rizhlaine F.
Le rooftop de la Tour Montparnasse devient une piste de rollers : Gagnez vos places

Practical information

From 20 October 2017
To 5 November 2017

More information
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33 avenue du Maine
75015 Paris 15

15 euros (Etudiant)
17 euros (Adulte)
9,5 euros (Enfant de 4 à 11 ans)

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Soirées spéciales le 28 octobre et le 4 novembre.

The Montparnasse tower offers you to live out a very unique experience. From October 20 to November 5, 2017, you can skate on its rooftop, 210-m above the ground!

It’s a bit like a preview of the ice-skating season coming soon in Paris. For All Saints vacation, the Montparnasse Tower Panoramic Observation Deck could be one of the best places to be. Indeed, friends, from October 20 to November 5, 2017 this 360° terrace offering a breathtaking view over the French capital will feature a skating track.

Imagine. Perched 210 meters above the ground, roller skates on your feet, skate your way through the deck to observe the Eiffel Tower, waving at La Défense while admiring Notre-Dame beauty… We rediscover the streets of Paris from another angle, we enjoy guessing and recognizing the monuments we see afar… And we admire – as always – the beauty of Paris, a museum-city.

And to cool off a bit (because yes, skating is a sport), you can enjoy the bar especially set up. No mojito or alcoholic cocktail ahead but rather gourmet and comforting beverages, like a hot chocolate!

Le rooftop de la Tour Montparnasse devient une piste de rollers

The icing on the cake is that you don’t need to pay to enjoy the track. The ticket allowing you to access the Montparnasse Tower Panoramic Observation Deck is enough. You can come with your own skates but if you don’t have any or you’re just not feeling like taking yours, you can borrow a pair for free. But, if you decide to take your kids, be sure you have your own protective equipment.

If the track is usually open from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m., you can enjoy an unobstructed view of Paris at sunset thanks to the two evening events held until 11 p.m. The first event is held on October 28 and it’ll be a Halloween Party so already think about your costume! The second one will be held on November 4 and the theme will be “disco”.

We already loved the skating rink set up on this high point of Paris. We like even more the idea of skating the rooftop… or the rooftop skating, we don’t really know!

Practical information:
Skating at the Montparnasse Tower Panoramic Observation Deck
From October 20 to November 5, 2017
€17 – adult rate
€15 – student rate
€9.5 – child rate (from 4 to 11)
Free for children under 4
Montparnasse Tower
33, Avenue du Maine, 75015 Paris

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Le rooftop de la Tour Montparnasse devient une piste de rollers : Gagnez vos places

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