Where to see street-art in Paris?

Street art, these fleeting works turning a city into a true open-air exhibition are more and more attractive. If you’re interested in this urban art, we unearthed you spots where you can admire and even meet street artists.

Art at every corner, this is the gift from street artists we receive when we walk the streets of the French capital. A message calling us out, a drawing making us smile, a collage leaving us gaping and here we are, taking our phones out to Instagram these works, and quick before they’re removed and replaced. If we never know what to expect at the bend of a narrow street, here are the spots you’re sure to find something to feed your social accounts and making these short-lived works live forever.

Le Street Art à Paris
Bercy skatepark is a place where skaters and street artists rub shoulders. The latter transform the place every day and cover the ground, the walks and banisters with their art. This spot is so popular that some graphs can be covered the very same day. An artistical transformation to follow really closely.

Le Street Art à Paris

Another spot that is very popular among street artists is rue Henri Noguères, perpendicular to Quai de Loire, a peaceful and rustic place where neighbors enjoy walking around to discover new works every day. Because the spot is very active, it’s common to run into street artists.

Le Street Art à Paris

Le Marais is another area very enjoyed by street-artists. Most of the time, we discover embossed works. Generally, if we can meet them randomly when just wandering through, some places display a large size artistical gathering like the Place Igor-Stravinsky.

Le Street Art à Paris

Street art can also be used to pay tribute and this is what you can see in Paris 7th arrondissement in rue de Verneuil. At number 5, where Serge Gainsbourg’s house used to be, walls are regularly covered and re-covered in works paying tribute to this legendary man, himself a lover of street art.

Le Street Art à Paris

It’s hard not to think about L’Aérosol, a place thought up to promote street art. Here, everyone is free to graph anything on the walls or on the ground, there’s even a street art museum.

Le Street Art à Paris

So, ready for a street art-related tour?

Rizhlaine F.
Last updated on 11 October 2017

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