L’Antichambre: we tried "Crypte", one of the three new rooms of the Escape Game in Paris

L’Antichambre has opened three new rooms to make you shiver once you’re locked inside. And you still have one hour to escape… Three rooms to be discovered from November 10, 2017, in a new venue located rue Blondel, including one we"ve tried, entitled "Cyrpte". A fourth one is coming by December.

Escape games keep spreading throughout Paris. Following The Game and its new room, l’Avion, that opened this summer locking you in the cockpit of a mid-haul flight, here’s that, on November 10, 2017, L’Antichambre, another famous Parisian Escape Game, opened three new rooms in a new venue. The editorial board tried "Crypte" and it's worth the trip! Let’s discover the three rooms together:


You’re locked aboard a spacecraft light years away from Earth. On the horizon, a space station you shall board in an hour, but, the on-board computer is not answering and you’re starting to lack oxygen… Good luck!

L'Antichambre : découvrez les trois nouvelles salles de l'escape game !


The Shogun Yorimoto left Kamakura, his home. It’s now the right moment to rummage through it to discover clues about the murders he ordered. Clues you obviously have to find before Yorimoto returns at risk of big problems…

 L'Antichambre : découvrez les trois nouvelles salles de l'escape game !


This is the room the editorial board tried... The goal: find Saint Apollonia's parchment in the various parts of a crypt where the saint had been buried and then walled-in. A room with nice enigmas, somethimes vicious (we have to rack our brains sometimes), but still completed and very entertaining. As in every escape game, you have to unlock padlock to discover clues.

Obvisouly, you have to prove your ingenuity and a perfect coordination between your heads and hands to make it through all the secrets of the crypt... Helping each other is vital. As for us, we made it in 45 minutes... Let's hope you do better than us.

 L'Antichambre : découvrez les trois nouvelles salles de l'escape game !

After these three rooms, a fourth one is said to open in December 2017 and two other rooms in early 2018. All in all, counting on the 5 other rooms located rue Saint-Martin, L’Antichambre features 11 universes, that is to say, the widest offer of escape game in France.

Practical information:
L’Antichambre Blondel
Open every day from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Address: 8-10 rue Blondel – 75003 Paris
Rates: €64 for two players, €78 for three, €88 for four, €95 for five, €102 for six
Super Deal rates: €44 for two players, €60 for 3, €73 for 4, €80 for 5 and €84 for 6

(Credits: ©L’Antichambre)

Laurent P.
Last updated on 13 November 2017

Practical information


10 Rue Blondel
75003 Paris 3

Métro ligne 4, 8 et 9 station Strasbourg Saint-Denis (sortie 2)

Tarif Super Deal 2 joueurs: 44€ €
Tarif Super Deal 3 joueurs: 60€ €
2 joueurs: 64€ €
Tarif Super Deal 4 joueurs: 72€ €
3 joueurs: 78€ €
Tarif Super Deal 5 joueurs: 80€ €
Tarif Super Deal 6 joueurs: 84€ €
4 joueurs: 88€ €
5 joueurs: 95€ €
6 joueurs: 102€ €

Recommended age
For all

Official website

More information
Ouvert tous les jours de 10h à 23h

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