Happy Thoiry Festival: Arcadian, Amir and Claudio Capeo live

Published by Julie M. · Published on 30 May 2018 at 23h26
To celebrate Thoiry ZooSafari 50th anniversary, the park organizes an exceptional music festival on Saturday June 2, 2018! Don’t miss the occasion to attend live concerts of Arcadian, Claudio Capeo and Amir!

Thoiry Zoo is 50 years old this year and who says anniversary says super fiesta obviously! In order to celebrate this half a century of existence and preservation of animal species, Thoiry ZooSafari organizes, on Saturday June 2, 2018, the Happy Thoiry Festival, a music festival you shouldn’t miss!

On the menu of this exceptional event: 2h30 of live concert in the open air, bringing together for the first time on the same stage, some major artists, revealed by the famous TV talent show, The Voice.

  • Arcadian :

Roommates before metro singers. And then wild in bars, and in semi-final of the 5th season of The Voice. Three on stage, the crew of friends now feel like brothers united through music.

  • Claudio Capéo :

Revealed by the show The Voice, the accordionist and singer, who has been on the road for a while now. He went from the street to the stage, he colors his music of what makes it so popular: people’s lives. Claudio Capéo rocks you thanks to catchy melodies and a radiant voice.

  • Amir :

Amir is on to carve a successful career. After making it to the top of The Voice and his participation to the Eurovision to represent France, we don’t doubt about his talent anymore. The charm and the softness of his voice enchant all kinds of audience.

Here’s a preview:

To take part to this exceptional show, several solutions are yours! You can spend the entire day on the spot and visit the Zoo and the Safari as soon as they open, at 10 a.m. for €59 per adult and €53 per kid, or you can come late in the afternoon and visit the zoo from 4 p.m. to attend the concert for €49.99 per person or directly come at night fall for the concert from 7:30 p.m.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
On 2 June 2018
From 10 a.m. to 12 a.m.



    Rue du Pavillon de Montreuil
    78770 Thoiry

    concert seul: €40
    à partir de 16h: €49.9
    enfant journée complète: €53
    adulte journée complète: €59

    Official website


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