Special effects at the Eiffel Tower

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From April 17 to July 1, 2018, the event “Effets spéciaux: ça tourne à la Tour!” storms the first floor of the Eiffel Tower. Related to the exhibition “Special effects, steal the scene!” of the Cité des Sciences, this animation takes us to the heart of a movie set and invites you to become an actor through 3 participate workshops.

How about being an actor by performing at the Eiffel Tower? Here’s the playful and interactive animation the place offers us from April 17 to July 1, 2018. This year, you may not know it, but the Eiffel Tower gives cinema pride of place. The Eiffel Tower and cinema is a true love story that has been existing since its creation in 1898. This animation is the first highlight of the year devoted to the 7th art.

At the Cité des Sciences, there’s currently an awesome interactive and playful exhibition revealing us all the secrets of special effects in movies: Special Effects, steal the scene! The animation provided on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower is actually an adaptation of the exhibition.

Effets Spéciaux , Crevez l'écran !Effets Spéciaux , Crevez l'écran !Effets Spéciaux , Crevez l'écran !Effets Spéciaux , Crevez l'écran !

Please note the animation itself is free, you only have to pay for accessing the tower. We rush to the first floor of the Tower to discover the place dedicated to the animation. When we arrive, we discover the long and beautiful story that links the Eiffel Tower to the 7th art.

Effets Spéciaux à la Tour EffelEffets Spéciaux à la Tour EffelEffets Spéciaux à la Tour EffelEffets Spéciaux à la Tour Effel

Three interactive experiences are then offered:

The first workshop enables you to discover the principle of collective embedding or how to mix real and virtual. Here, we are invited to walk on a green background to be embedded live in computer-generated-set. On the screen, we see ourselves prudently walking on one of the building girders. Here’s a vertiginous experience!

Like the silent movie shot in 1907 by Segundo de Chomón, entitled Les Kiriki, acrobats japonais, the second activity, called “Faites les acrobates”! [Be Acrobats!] is dedicated to the high-angle shots that are very used in super-heroes and science-fiction movies. Lying on the floor, we move while playing with the screened images. Our portraits are then straightened up thanks to a camera set above and which angle has been altered. Result: like Spiderman, stunt doubles in the making defy gravity.

Finally, we are expected at the photocall to pose in a film set. The new budding actors, that we are, are invited to take pictures by putting their faces in the frameworks which design is inspired by a clapperboard. Each and everyone can then share selfies on social networks thanks to the hashtag #çatournealatour.

Feeling peckish? Please note that a bar is available. A bar that looks like a studio with director chairs. On the menu? Pop-corn, treats, ice creams, and drinks of course.

How about being actors for a day?

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 17 April 2018 to 1 July 2018



    Tour Eiffel
    75007 Paris 7

    Métro ligne 6 ou 9 station "Trocadéro", ligne 6 station "Bir-Hakeim", RER C station "Champ de MArs - Tour Eiffel"

    4/11 ans: €2.5
    12-24 ans: €5
    adultes: €10

    Recommended age
    For all

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    More informations
    Billet escaliers (valable jusqu'au 2ème étage) : adultes 10€ - jeunes 12/24 ans 5€ - enfants 4/11 ans 2,50€
    Billet ascenseur (jusqu'au 2ème étage) : adultes 16€ - jeunes 12/24 ans 8€ - enfants 4/11 ans 4€
    Billet sommet : adultes 25€ - jeunes 12/24 ans 12,50€ - enfants 4/11 ans 6,30€
    Bon plan – en vente uniquement sur place :
    Billet combiné : adultes 19€ - jeunes 12/24 ans 9,50 € - enfants 4/11 ans 4,80 €
    Les enfants de moins de 4 ans sont les invités de la Tour.

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