The Game, the immersive escape game requiring teamwork

If you’re looking to practice team building or strengthen the bond with your friends, there’s one place you should go: The Game. This is what one of the escape game leaders in Paris, The Game offers in its 5th arrondissement-based premises. A whole bunch of immersive rooms particularly requiring teamwork.

Racking your brains and being coherent with your group… This is what one of the escape game leaders in Paris The Game offers in it’s 5th arrondissement-based premises, with its seven rooms and varied universes. The goal is still the same: you have one hour to escape a room where you’ve been locked up by solving different enigmas, the whole in immersive, realist decors worthy of a movie set.

A perfect place to have fun with your family and friends and even with your colleagues to reinforce the cohesion between the varied members of the group, solidarity and team spirit. The Game other particularity is: a personalized and customize follow-up for each team.

Team Building is a true calling for the place that also offers a real personalization of its services: business contests, cocktails and pre-dinner parties… The Game meets families’ and friends’ as well as companies’ expectations wishing to strengthen the bond between their employees and the communication between people. It’s even possible to privatize the place.

The Game, l’escape game immersif qui met en avant le travail d’équipe

In terms of escape game rooms, seven universes expect you:

The French Robbery: you’re hired by Max, a villain, and you’ll have to break into a bank’s vault and find a document that could incriminate him and allow the police to put him behind bars. Obviously, you have to make him avoid going back to prison.

Metro: Cardinal Lemoine station, metro is approaching and suddenly stops in the middle of the tracks. You’re stuck in the wagon and have one hour to escape at risk of a collision with another wagon.

The plane: you’ve boarded a plane towards London on The Game Airlines, but a damage has you find a solution to land, and you have one hour to land the aircraft at risk of being sunk.

The Catacombs: you find yourself locked in the Paris Catacombs looking for a long-lost will. A rather nerve-racking place from which you have to escape really quick.

The Treasure of Templars Assassin’s Creed ®: you have one hour to find the treasure of Templars in the flat of one of Cardinal Lemoine’s descendants, after becoming a member of Assassin’s Creed. No need to say that a time travel is mandatory, via the Animus.

The Casino Heist: you have one hour to break into a casino and get the robbery plunder that made Max, Paris biggest wrongdoer. A super secured place it’s not easy to escape from.

The Kidnapping: we’re in Paris, in 1959. A young cabaret dancer, Lise, has been kidnapped and you have one hour to find what wrongdoers are looking for before reprisal.

Have you made your choice, friends?

Laurent P.
Last updated on 18 May 2018

Practical information


51 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine
75005 Paris 5

M°10 - Cardinal Lemoine

Equipe de 3 personnes: 96 €
Equipe de 4 personnes: 112 €
Equipe de 5 personnes: 125 €

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Ouvert de 10h à 22h. A partir de 10 ans si votre enfant est accompagné, sinon, à partir de 15 ans.

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