Break into the Louvre with Da Vinci, the escape game by Phobia Escape Game

If you love Da Vinci Code and want to walk on the tracks of Robert Langdon, looking for the Holy Grail, Phobia Escape Game has the solution with the Da Vinci room. A dive into Leonardo da Vinci’s mysteries to be discovered in the 13th arrondissement facility.

Mystery and treasure hunt lovers, Phobia Escape Game offers you to find the Holy Grail in one of the rooms, the most popular (so far) of the place, Da Vinci. A room for which the mission is to break into the louvre and find the relic, a bit like Robert Langdon in Da Vinci Code, by solving enigmas left by Leonardo Da Vinci.

A room, the editorial board tried and enjoyed a lot: beyond the immersion that is as total as in House of Ghosts, enigmas are particularly well-found, sometimes a bit twisted but clever. Mechanisms are well thought as well, in particular the secret doors that are very surprising when opening? We particularly love the last room, very surrealistic with its uncommon structure.

Cambrioler le Louvre avec Da Vinci, le jeu d'évasion de chez Phobia escape game

An escape game you can complete with your family or friends, for a very successful adventure and a very captivating one. But don’t panic: unlike the movie, you don’t need to know how have cryptography, symbology or history skills. But please note that the minimum age is 10 years with an adult, and 14 without an adult. An age limit we understand given the difficulty of some enigmas to solve requiring a bit of logic and reflection.

Shall we book a session, friends?

Laurent P.
Last updated on 17 May 2018

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75013 Paris 13

métro ligne 5 station "Campo-Formio"

Heures Creuses: 100 €
Heures Pleines: 120 €

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Ouvert de 10h à 22h.

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