Perfume workshops in the dark

Following a restaurant, tasting and massages in the dark, the sensory store “Dans le Noir?” launches perfume workshop unfolding in the dark as well. This discovering of perfume in the dark is a unique experience.

Following the restaurant opened 14 years ago, the spa launched in 2011, the sensory store Dans le Noir? opened in 2015. In addition to blindfolded tasting, the place provides workshops to discover perfume in the dark.

Like other activities, these perfumery workshops are hosted by a partially-sighted sensory expert. Because the particularity of the Dans le Noir? company is to hire visually impaired or nonsighted people so that they can share their experience with clients.

Ateliers de Parfum dans le noir

If so far taste and touch were given pride of place by Dans le Noir?, with these two new workshops about perfume, smell is roped in. workshops are created to “block the fashion of picture” founder Edouard de Broglie explains because the perfume universe is a world where marketing is omnipresent.

Perfume & You” is an instructive workshop lasting two hours including one spent in the total darkness, costing €68 per person. Its goal? Making participants trust their nose by discovering 5 big olfactive universes and making them get basic knowledge about perfume so that they can chose their perfumes well.

Tiffany Kendziolka  anime les ateliers parfum dans le noir

This workshop is hosted by Tiffany Kendziolka who is partially-sighted, and she doesn’t see colors. “But no one can see it”, she says laughing. She has a perfume sensory composition evaluation master. Tiffany starts with introducing the equipment in day light: a box with 5 columns (one per universe) and 3 lines. In each column, a jar with raw material and a ceramic cone with perfume.

Then, we are ushered in a U-shaped dark room that can house up to 9 participants. We follow one another in single line, our right hand on the shoulder of the person before us and Tiffany leads the line to help us sit on the bench chair. The box is already waiting for us. Tiffany walks us through the process, step by step.

Ateliers de Parfum dans le noir

First, we smell the raw material we can touch then. Once we have discovered the ingredient, Tiffany talks about the universe related to it. Then, we smell a perfume through the cone which is made out of this mysterious ingredient. Once again, the expert has a story to tell: for each fragrance, she tells us a story written by a perfume teller.

At first, the darkness is disturbing, but we get used to it. In the dark, we completely lose track of time, but our eyes are not disturbed by any distraction. We carefully listen to Tiffany, but we also take part in the workshop since at every step, she asks us to tell what the smell reminds us of. It’s relaxing but careful though, you don’t want to fall asleep so much that it’s relaxing. The experience is very enriching and allows us to feel for a couple of minutes what partially-sighted people feel throughout the day.

Ateliers de Parfum dans le noir

Dans le Noir? offers you to leave with a box including 3 samples of 3 perfumes of the universe you’ve liked the most. It costs €35.

The other workshop, “The trunk of perfumes” for €48 is more playful. It lasts 90 minutes including 50 spent in the dark. It’s an invitation to take a walk down memory lane thanks to emotions, smells and fragrance.

Starting from this summer, these workshops will be available in English.

How about leaving out a unique sensory experience? Dare getting to know perfume in the dark, a workshop accessible to all even if you’re a perfume novice.

Laura B.
Last updated on 5 June 2018

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40 Rue Quincampoix
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Atelier "La malle aux parfums": 48 €
Atelier "Le Parfum & Vous": 68 €

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09 83 49 87 97

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Ouvert du mardi au samedi de 12h30 à 20h.

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