Team Break, the maxi escape game in La Défense

France Escape Game leader Team Break offers in its La Défense facility uncommon escape game rooms since each room can include up to 12 players! And if you want to foil wizards’ spells or explode a planet, you’ve knocked at the right door.

Foiling wizards’ spells, isolate dinosaur eggs and even blow up a planet… These are the missions proposed by Team Break, France Escape Game leader, in its CNIT facility in La Défense. Premises that can accommodate much more players than usual since all the rooms can include up to 12 persons. Perfect for companies’ Team Building and even yearly family reunions, especially that 2 rooms are even doubled to welcome even more people.

In terms of escape game experience, you’re still locked in a room and have one hour to make it out by solving enigmas and breaking codes. The aim is the same for the place: offering a true immersion with your team in a life-size escape game. Rooms with immersive universes that the Sortiraparis editorial board presents hereunder.

Team Break has 5 rooms with varied themes:

Magic School:

You have one hour to save the world from the supremacy of a group of wizards using dark magic to do wrong. A room that will take you to a renown wizarding school.

Team Break, l’escape game version maxi à La Défense

Jurassic Room:

Your mission is to find three dinosaur eggs that have been genetically modified to be at one’s beck and call. You have to isolate the eggs to avoid the enslavement of the humankind.

Team Break, l’escape game version maxi à La Défense

Prison Break:

You and your agent sidekicks have been made prisoners and are incarcerated in a secret prison from which you have to escape in less than an hour at risk of never see the daylight ever again.

Team Break, l’escape game version maxi à La Défense

Space Adventure:

Aboard a spacecraft, you have to find a planet, rob the magic crystal (the heart of the planet) and blow it up in an hour before its inhabitants come to invade planet Earth and destroy the world.

Team Break, l’escape game version maxi à La Défense

MI2: Mission Alien:

You have to thwart the plans of a devil genius that has been experimenting on aliens, and you have one hour to investigate.

Shall we book then, friends?

Laurent P.
Last updated on 18 June 2018

Practical information


2 Place de la Défense
92800 Puteaux

Métro ligne 1 station "La défense Grande Arche", RER A station "La Défense Grande Arche"

4 personnes: 112 €
5 personnes: 130 €
6 personnes: 150 €
7 personnes: 168 €
8 personnes: 184 €
9 personnes: 198 €
10 personnes: 210 €
11 personnes: 220 €
12 personnes: 228 €

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