The Expiatory Chapel in Paris

Published by Rizhlaine F. · Published on 4 July 2018 at 16h51 · Updated on 4 July 2018 at 18h54
The Expiatory Chapel is one of Paris hidden monuments. Erected in memory of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, this place is filled with history and worth the trip!

The Expiatory Chapel is nestled in Paris 8th arrondissement, in the heart of the Square Louis XVI. A setting that is not left to chance because it’s here where the Madeleine cemetery used to be. The latter housed the corpses of Louis XVI, the last king of France of the Ancien Régime, and queen Marie-Antoinette. Guillotined in 1783 on Place de la Concorde, that used to be known as Place de la Révolution, their bodies then joined the Saint-Denis basilica, the last house of the kings of France.

Commissioned in 1815 by Louis XVIII, Louis XVI’s brother, the building of this chapel erected in memory of the royal couple ends in 1826. It’s set in lieu of the same place where Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette have been buried before their bodies were transferred in 1815 to the Saint-Denis Basilica. In 1914, the chapel is listed and classified by the French Historic Monument Association.

Inside, we discover two sculptures, one depicting an angel showing the sky to Louis XVI, the other revealing Marie-Antoinette kneeled before the Religion. We can also read Louis XVI’s will as well as the last letter written by Marie-Antoinette to Madame Elisabeth, the King’s sister.

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29 Rue Pasquier
75008 Paris 8

Tarif Réduit: 5 €
Plein Tarif: 6 €

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