Paris Parc André Citroën reopens

Published by Rizhlaine F., Laurent P. · Photos by Elodie D. · Published on 11 June 2021 at 17h12
Parc André Citroën is set in Paris 15th arrondissement. This garden offers its visitors a green stroll in the middle of varied landscapes. We tell you everything.

Compared to the Tuileries garden or the Luxembourg garden, Parc André Citroën is characterized by its modernity. Nothing surprising since it has been inaugurated in 1992 in Paris 15th arrondissement. If it doesn’t stand out with his historic aspect, this garden is yet exceptional on many other aspects.

First of all, let’s start with a little botany. Here, we can discover two large green houses: one tropical, on Mediterranean that you can visit. By strolling in the northern part of the park, you discover varied landscapes through serial gardens. All in all, there are 7 of them: the black garden, the blue garden, the green garden, the orange garden, the red garden, the silver garden and the golden garden. Each of them matches a metal, a color, a planet, a sense and a day of the week. A bit like an astrological portrait.

Parc CitroënParc CitroënParc CitroënParc Citroën

We also discover an artificial island on which a bamboo garden has been planted. Set on the grass, on one of the many pitches, we can look at the Parc André Citroën viaduct. And if you feel in the mood, you can touch the sky since you can find the world’s biggest hot air balloon.

This kind of captive hot air balloon we call Ballon Generali or Ballon Air de Paris allows you, when the weather conditions allow it, to rise 492 ft up in the air and enjoy a 360° view over Paris. Moreover, it can accommodate up to 30 passengers. But it’s not the only particularity since the balloon also shows the air quality and the pollution rate since it’s lit with a different color according these two data.

So, ready to stroll in this versatile garden?

Practical information


Rue de la Montagne de la Fage
75015 Paris 15

Accès Ballon Generali enfants 3-11 ans: €6
Accès Ballon Generali Adulte: €12

Official website

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