Terre de Singes in Lumigny: visit a zoo surrounded by monkeys, reopening

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Published by Julie M., Laura B. · Photos by Laura B. · Published on 17 May 2021 at 10h08
After the Parc des Félins in 2006, Lumigny has just inaugurated its second zoo in 2016: Terre de Singes, a park where visitors walk around free monkeys. Both parks reopen this May 19, 2021! Careful, mandatory facemask from 10 years old.

Even though at the Parc des Félins you can enjoy a walk on the Lemur islands and observe dozens of these small primates, the neighbor zoo set a few meters, Terre de Singes offers a nice and immersive walk among monkeys and birds.

Terre de Singes

Covering 20 hectares, Terre de Singes welcomes Barbary macaques (also known as Barbary apes or magots) coming from traffic and often mistreated by their owners. In the park, these monkeys are taught again to enjoy the human presence because it’s in the middle of these animals you’ll walk.

Terre de Singes

At Terre de Singes, there are 47 magots living in the forest and in the plains featuring a body of water. A path has been created in the middle of this nature so that visitors can go up close with these free monkeys. But not too close, because there are safety rules to observe and employees of the parc keep a weather-eye open.
These magots feel good at Terre de Singes since they breed and you can currently see two baby magots.

Terre de Singes

Terre de Singes also welcomes other monkey species: Callithrix, three kinds of tamarinds (the smallest monkeys in the world) walking free on a small island they never leave (they can't swim) and geladas who also bred this year.

Terre de Singes

Terre de Singes park – also known as Terre des Safaris – offers you to meet birds in two huge outdoor and indoor, very noisy aviaries (the staff wears earplugs to protect their eardrums from the bird's shriek!) covering 1500sqm. You'll meet 27 species of birds with hooked beaks: including macaws, parakeets, amazon parrots and lorikeets, very colorful birds that you can feed with some nectar so that they come to you.

Terre de Singes

All in all, no fewer than 300 animals expect you at Terre des Singes. Hosts are present all along the tour to answer your questions and allow you to attend guided feeding sessions. They're held every 15 minutes in high season at different points in the park. These moments allow you to lean much more about the animals and observe them up-close, especially geladas and tamarinds.

Terre de Singes

The only food area of Terre de Singes enjoys a panoramic view on geladas to make sure you’re always looking at the animals even during your meal. Fast food is available on the spot and there's also a picnic area.

Terre de Singes

And if your own little monkeys suddenly want to imitate the apes they've just seen, a playground area is open so that they can do some climbing.

Terre de Singes is set near Coulommiers, not far from the Disney parks. Buses are available to go to the park.
The tour lasts 1H30. If you attend the different guided snack times, you have to allow more time. In the same day, you can do both Terre de Singes and Parc des Félins thanks to a double ticket.

If you want to have a privileged family time with monkeys, head to Terre de Singes.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 19 May 2021 to 5 December 2021



    77540 Lumigny Nesles Ormeaux

    Enfant de 3 à 9 ans: €7
    Adulte: €13.5
    Billet 2 parcs enfant: €15.5
    Billet 2 parcs adulte: €28

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