Scary Nights 2021 at the Château de Thoiry

Published by Sponsorisé · Published on 8 November 2021 at 11h30
The Château de Thoiry launches the Scary Nights or Nuits de l'épouvante: a scary concept exclusively dedicated to thrill fans. Forget everything you have ever experienced, the Château de Thoiry will make you live a never-before-seen, unforgettable and nightmarish experience. This is not for the faint of heart!

Enjoy two fantastic experiences at the Château de Thoiry.

Elémentaire, mon cher détective!, from October 27 to November 1, 2021
From 4 to 8 players, starting from 8 years old
Duration: 1 hour
Startig from €23/person

A few months ago, a terrible murder has been perpertrated at the Château de Thoiry. The Marquis, Pierre de Valençoire, has found his wife Joséphine de Valençoire seriously hurt. In her dying breath, the Marquessa said she knew her assailant but has not had the time to whisper their name before she succumb to her wounds. Since then, her spirit has been hauting the castle, patiently waiting for revenge. Your mission? Help investigator Agatha Doyle to find the Marquessa's murderer before her wrath hits an innocent... Come dressed up! The bravest of you will leave with very well-deserved candies!

Escape room, La Crypte du Comte, starting from 12 years old
From 3 to 8 players
Duration: 1 hour
Startig from €23/person

After a first and successful year, the Crypte du Comte goes darker, scarier, and more difficult than ever! In partnership with Team Break, the Château de Thoiry provides you with a game so you can relive its story. Meet Raoul II de Moreau, a former owner condemned to death for murder... or at least, what is left of him... A very mysterious and eventful adventure! An epic to experience with friends, family or colleagues.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 1 October 2021 to 2 November 2021



    Rue du Pavillon de Montreuil
    78770 Thoiry

    Tarif par personne, à partir de: €23

    Average duration
    8 h

    Official website


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    Attention : La crise sanitaire oblige à réserver toutes les activités dont les places sont limitées et sur réservation. Port de masque obligatoire. Il est demandé que tous les enfants soient accompagnés d’un adulte responsable obligatoirement)

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