Two James Colomina statues secretly set up in Paris

Published by Cécile D. · Published on 5 November 2020 at 10h41
When artist James Colomina comes to Paris, he loves leaving his mark: Toulouse-based artist has secretly set up two statues made of red resin in a niche of the Pont Marie (4th arrondissement) and on an empty base in the Jardin du Ranelagh (16th arrondissement).

If you often walk around these areas, you may have noticed a few changes: Toulouse street-artist James Colomina has just “wildly” left two new statues, one in the jardin du Ranelagh on a vacant base, the other in a niche of the Pont Marie. These sculptures can be noticed from afar as they are made of bright red resin.

Sticking to his usual style, James Colomina offers passersby two works that are meaningful and poetic. In the paths of the Jardin du Ranelagh in Paris 16th arrondissement, discover “L’attrape-coeur”. The humanist street-artist could not help himself but repopulate a statue base left vacant. James Colomina says he is always ready to “make the best of room” without degrading the space, by simply sneakily setting up his statues with a humanist message. “These are lovely places I can express myself” the artist explains.

In Paris 4th arrondissement, the Toulouse artist has had to prove flexibility and inventiveness to manage to set up his sculpture. In a niche of the Pont Marie, you can admire his “enfant au bonnet d’âne”, a life-size statue weighing about 25kg. The statue is James Colomina’s signature: it is one of his favorite character, a bit of a dreamer, a bit of a naïve, he sees like a symbol of “minorities, people left aside in the society, that do not fit in the right boxes” the artist states.

To share a bit of James Colomina’s poesy and dreams, go and enjoy this walk in Paris, looking for his red works of art.

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