Jardin Naturel Pierre-Emmanuel in Paris where nature is the strongest

Published by Rizhlaine F. · Published on 12 April 2021 at 21h02
In Paris, by the Père Lachaise cemetery lays an uncommon place where nature returned. Here is the Jardin Naturel Pierre-Emmanuel, a wild plant conservatory unveiling rich biodiversity.

A leopard cannot change its spots… What would happen if nature returned to places freely? To find out so, go to Paris 20th arrondissement where lays an uncommon place. Set a stone’s throw from the Père Lachaise cemetery, turn to the rue de la Réunion. There, a gate opens to a micro-botanical conservatory in Paris. This is the Jardin Naturel Pierre-Emmanuel.

This green setting covers 6,300sqm. Its specificity? The garden suffers almost no human action. Wild plants grow freely, the meadow is cut only twice to three times a year. This is a genuine haven of peace for the Île-de-France biodiversity. Here, the French capital’s hustle and bustle seems to belong to another life. The throbbing of cars stops to let you listen to the birds chirping as ornithologists can come over and observe them.

Walk the path and feel like cuddled by this greenery. And there you are standing in front of a lively pound. Children and grown-ups can discover among the waterlilies, some frogs and newts, as well as ducks that decided to come and live there, while red dragonflies fly above the water.

You suddenly feel at peace and calm. The magic of this secrete garden worked: it is now yours.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 1 March 2021 to 29 September 2026



    Jardin naturel Pierre-Emmanuel
    75020 Paris 20

    Métro Alexandre Dumas (ligne 2)


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