The Sherwood Park presents its novelties 2019

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Published by My B. · Photos by My B. · Published on 3 May 2019 at 11h00 · Updated on 3 May 2019 at 11h13
The Sherwood Park is the place where you will experience the adventure of your life (at least of your childhood). More than just a tree climbing park, the Sherwood is a multi-activity park! You will get to try out different courses up in the trees, for all ages, a giant inflatable playground, pony rides, and even Laser ball! For this season 2019, the park reopens from March 23 and offers 3 novelties.

Sherwood Parc is one of the tree climbing sites in the Ile de France region for families from 3 to 70 years old. Come and spend a relaxing day but full of sensations not far from Paris. In addition to many courses, the place if full of animations to please everyone.

Le Sherwood Parc à SeugyLe Sherwood Parc à SeugyLe Sherwood Parc à SeugyLe Sherwood Parc à Seugy

What do we do at Sherwood Parc? Here's the program:

The Big Ziplining: one of the park's major activity. It spreads over 260 meters, a record in Île de France!

Robin's Village: perfect for the youngest visitors, the village offers a circuit with rope bridges secured by nets so that they can find their way from hut to hut. Giant slides and a giant ball pit suspended 6-m above the ground promise hours of unique adventures for kids from 2 years and a half.

Crossbow shooting: Sherwood Parc offers introducting sessions supervised by a knight. And for more classic needs, head to the archery area!

Paintball: this team game consists in targetting enemies with balls of paint to eliminate them. On the same principle, discover the laserball: paint balls are replaced by a light beam. Guaranteed fun!

Quad: an original ride to live at full speed but in full safety. On Kymco 300cc quads, we enjoy the site's beauty...

Horse and carriage ride: in a horse-drawn carriage, accompanied by a professional carriage driver, go and discover Royaumont Abbey, White Queen's castle, Commelle ponds and Chantilly castle.

As well as: the Escalad'Arbre, the Bungy Ejection, the Quick Jump, the Fun Bow, the pony rides, the perched kids' circuits, the inflatable game playground, the Robin's Jump, the Giant Maze and the Enigma tour!

Sherwood ParkSherwood ParkSherwood ParkSherwood Park

For the record, Sherwood Parc also features:

  • 330 perched games in the trees accessible to all levels from beginners to the most experienced.

  • Interactive terminals allow you to compete for the giant quiz about the legend of Robin Hood and nature protection.

  • For children under 6, the perched children course is a series of 20 games in the trees without particular equipment. Even though, children are a few meters above the ground, they will live the same sensations as their parents.

  • 3 riddle-course for all ages.

  • playground with giant bouncy castles (use according to age).

  • Pony-ride for children (from 3 years old), guided by parents.

  • paint-ball area: 5 fields on 5 hectares to play in the open-air. Reservation is mandatory.

  • laser-ball area: make the best of the 5 hectares in the forest for unforgettable laser game outdoor games. Instructors will offer you several game scenarios each one more entertaining than the last.

  • Quad rides

  • Lady Marianne’s tavern will offer you delicious food to eat on the go.

  • One-time evenings and attractions all year long.

New this season 2019:

Sherwood Parc et ses nouveautés 2019Sherwood Parc et ses nouveautés 2019Sherwood Parc et ses nouveautés 2019Sherwood Parc et ses nouveautés 2019Archery Tag
From March 23, a unique activity will open. The Archery Tag is a new sport inspired by Paintball and archery. The rules are simple and suit children and adults. They have to show dexterity to aim the targets. With your family or friends, this game will likely give you thrills!
Rate: €15 for one hour.

Sherwood Parc et ses nouveautés 2019Sherwood Parc et ses nouveautés 2019Sherwood Parc et ses nouveautés 2019Sherwood Parc et ses nouveautés 2019Electric scooter rides
This year, quad rides are completed with electric scooter rides that are eco-friendlier and cross-country. Visitors can discover the Parc National Régional Oise Pays de France and the rolling paths of the region in a new light and in a more original fashion. Accessible to all, this activity is the occasion to have a real good time with your family.
Starting April 20, be ready!
Rate: €30 for 90 minutes

Explor Games
For this new season, Sherwood Parc offers an activity never-seen-before in Ile de France! Inspired by escape rooms, it's set outside with a geolocated tablet as the "game master". Your mission? Face up 9 challenges to find the treasure robbed to Robin Hood. The activity is completed in groups of 2 to 6 players. Suiting children and adults, the activity offers 2 scenarios: the first one being very easy and reserved for children from 6 to 7 years and the second one mixing challenges and enigmas suiting children from 8 years old (with an adult) and adults. To give a go to the experience, meet on April 30!
Rate: game tablet renting: €40 for 2 to 6 players

In other words, a good idea to spend a lovely day outside with kids or friends!

Practical information

Opening Time
From 23 March 2019 to 6 October 2019



    Chemin des Rouliers
    95270 Viarmes

    enfant tribu: 16,50 €
    -12ans: 18,50 €
    adulte tribu: 22 €
    adultes: 27,50 €

    Recommended age
    For all

    Official website

    More informations
    Jours d’ouverture : mercredi, samedi et dimanche toute la saison, vacances scolaires Zone C et jours fériés. Horaires d’ouverture : de 10h à 19h en haute saison – de 13h à 19h certains jours
    Sherwood Parc est accessible depuis Paris par train et en voiture en moins d'une heure par :
    TER Paris Gard du Nord - Luzarches
    45 min - A1 - D104 – Viarmes

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