"Atout branches", tree-climbing in Milly la Forêt

Published by Julie M., Elodie D. · Published on 14 February 2022 at 10h58
At "Atout Branches" (litterally: branches asset), come live an adventure in the trees, in Milly la Forêt. In the middle of... nature, you will be able to have the time of your life, going from tree to tree, with a variety of obstacles and sensations. A progressive course that takes you from the easiest to the most difficult at your own pace, to try from April 2, 2022, after closing for the winter.

At Atout Branches, you will discover 11 courses, for all ages (starting as young as 2 years old!) All paths are equipped with a continuous lifeline for a maximum security and safety!


Trails for 2 to 7 years old:

  • Piccolo Trail: close to the ground, obstacles to overcome and balance situations for budding adventurers.
    Accessible from 2 to 5 years old.

  • Colibri Trail: a series of ziplines for toddlers
    Accessible from 2 to 7 years old

  • Koala Trail: Awake your senses and the adventure in you. This initiation trail, up to 1 meter above the ground, will bring you the necessary agility to keep the adventure over the next paths. Your parents will help you out.
    Accessible from 3 to 7 years old

  • Ouistiti Trail: 3 to 4 meters high, this trail is a real challenge for children from 4 to 6 years old. High obstacles to develop focus and balance.
    Recommended age: 4 years old
    Required height: 1m (3.2ft)

Trails from 7 years old and +:

  • Green Trail: from 3 to 5 meters above the ground, this trail is for people looking new thrills. From novice adults to young adventurer, everyone will be happy.
    From 7 years old
    Required height: 1m20 (3.9ft)

  • Yellow Trail: up to 5 meters above the ground, playful trail and more difficult than the green trail. It will test your balance skills.
    From 7 years old
    Required height: 1:20 (3.9ft)

  • Blue Trail: Up to 6 meters above the ground, more acrobatic than the green and yellow trails. A good warm-up before tackling the red trail.
    Required height: 1m30 (4.2ft)

  • Red Trail: from 4 to 11 meters high, thrills and diversity of air exercises. A short-up in the middle will let you choose between the long or short trail.
    Required height: 1m40 (4.5ft)

  • Black Trail: only the bold will dare complete the black trail, your balance and skills to overcome fear of heights will be put to the test. Big ziplines will reward you and you will ultimately jump in the void.
    15 years old minimum
    Required height: 1m50 (4.9ft)

  • Ebene Trail: short trail that will require a lot of strength in the arms.
    Thrills before finishing with an impressive Tarzan jump
    15 years old minimum
    Required height: 1m60 (5.2ft)

  • Panoramique Trail: 100% zipline, the highest trail with an 18-meter high platform and a series of 8 ziplines to fly over the park.
    Required height: 1m40 (4.5ft) (access allowed to 4.2ft children with 2 adults)

  • Vertijump: a ride independent from the trail. You will climb 12 meters above the ground before free jumping for several meters. Will you dare jump?

Tiny adventurers will test the Piccolo trail and budding adventurers will tackle the ouistiti trail with automatic safety. And do not forget your camera, beautiful memories are to come!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 27 May 2020 to 13 November 2022



    Atout Branches
    91490 Milly la Foret

    Official website

    06 72 46 86 44

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