Ménagerie, the zoo of the Jardin des Plantes, the oldest zoo in Paris

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Published by Julie M., Elodie D. · Updated on 17 May 2021 at 10h00 · Published on 15 May 2021 at 13h00
The Ménagerie, the zoo of the Jardin des Plantes is not only the oldest zoo in Paris but also the oldest zoo in the world that remains in its original condition. Make the best of this sunny weather to take your children visit this zoological garden that is worth the trip. Within walking distance from the Seine, these 55,000-square meters of greenery are inhabited by a thousand animals, as soon as the government allows zoos to reopen.

The Ménagerie, the zoo of the Jardin des Plantes belongs to the National Museum of Natural History. It is not only a walking space but a historical space. These buildings, listed as historical monuments, are a unique architectural heritage and scattered across a wonderful tree-lined landscape, the legendary Jardin des Plantes.

During your visit, you will be surprised to see how well the original facilities made of logs, cob, and thatched roofs, called "fabriques" blend into the natural animal atmosphere. The Art Déco buildings from the 1930-1940's bring some charm to the place.

The Park covers about 5.5 hectares and houses not less than 150 species, a third of which being threatened by extinction. Red pandas, snow leopards, Arabian oryx, orangutans, bustards, white-naped cranes and even Aldabra giant tortoises, the menagerie houses many threatened species and participates in 55 programs protecting species threatened.

The Ménagerie houses 600 small and medium-sized animals suiting the pens. Animals represent the world of vertebrates: gaurs, Przewalski's horses, flamingo, giant kangaroos and wallabies, porcupine, Malayan tapir are to be seen.

In addition to the birds, the farm animals and other mammals set outdoor, three indoor areas are to be visited, including:

  • the vivarium: insects, amphibians and all kinds of reptiles, including a Gila monster, snakes and mygale spiders...
  • the big cat house: snow leopards and caracals
  • the monkey house: housing a family of orang-utans including the soon to be 2 Java.

You can also help and save and preserved threatened species by sponsoring your favorite species on dons.mnhn.fr.

If you decide to spend the day in the Ménagerie, be sure to remember that there are picnic tables in the heart of the zoological garden. An original idea for a family picnic that will please children for sure.

In short, this nature discovery-visit will take you to another world.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 19 May 2021



    Jardin des Plantes
    75005 Paris 5

    - de 4 ans: Free
    Tarif réduit: €10
    Plein tarif: €13

    Recommended age
    For all

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    Ouvert tous les jours de 9h à 17h, dernier accès aux caisses 45 minutes avant la fermeture

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