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Driving through Paris aboard an old car on July 30, 2017

Published on 7 June 2017 By Elodie D.
La Traversée de Paris © Hervé Mazzocut

Practical information

On 30 July 2017
from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

1 Avenue de Paris
94300 Vincennes

Free (balade libre)
10 euros (traversée en bus)

Do you know that you can visit Paris aboard an old car? It is a crazy experience called “Traversée de Paris en Anciennes” featuring over 700 old vehicles that happens twice a year. The next one is happening on July 30, 2017 and you should not miss it. Notice that this 28-km long trip across the French capital is organized by the association Vincennes en Anciennes and will end up with a picnic on the Observatory terrace in Meudon next to the cars!

The Taversée de Paris en Anciennes is one of the biggest event in Paris for old car amateurs. For a morning, Paris streets are enlivened with old cars, motorbikes, bicycles, tractors, buses, light goods vehicles for a crazy ride finishing at the Château de Vincennes.

Departing from the Château de Vincennes, the procession of enthusiasts invites little ones and grown-ups to take part in a unique show in the heart of Parisian heritage, aboard one of the participating double-decker buses (reservation required, limited number of places – €10), or in one of the streets selected for the ride. This year, coupés and convertibles are given pride of place. The ride will be opened by a Peugeot 403 convertible followed by a Porsche 911, a Buick Riviera or a Lotus Elan… and then, other cars, tractors, buses, light goods vehicles and motorbikes.

The 28-km long tour will leave at 8 a.m. to come back at noon at Meudon Observatory terrace. For the record, some cars will be showcased until 3:30 p.m. This ride offers a tour of the most emblematic places in Paris.

La Traversée de Paris hivernale 2017

All eras are represented. The Rolls rides alongside a Citroën 2CV and noises of the engines take us back to another time! Prepare your cameras!

Some pictures of the latest edition:

Nostalgia is just around the corner, joy and surprise are on everyone’s faces. Crews and spectators share a complete moment of complicity…

Practical information:
Traversée de Paris en Anciennes (website in French)
Sunday July 30, 2017
Departing from the esplanade of the Château de Vincennes
Hours: ride from 7:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. – exhibition from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Rate: €10 for a bus seat

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