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Published by Julie M. · Photos by My B. · Published on 20 May 2020 at 18h14 · Updated on 21 May 2020 at 12h17
At the getaway of Paris, in Magny en Vexin, the Aventure Land theme park, is a park mixing adventure courses and outdoor activities. From May 21 to November 1, 2020 come and enjoy a new season filled with novelties. Come take a breath of fresh air and have fun in the countryside.

Aventure Land is a 17-hectare theme park located less than an hour away from Paris. It offers a wide range of accrobranche circuits suited to all levels and ages, and lots of other activities such as trampoline, karting, zipline for a total of 30 attractions and more than 300 adventure games in the trees. In 2017, the park set in Magny-en-Vexin welcomed 110,000 guests. A park with a deeply ecofriendly and citizen approach, we can only say yes.

Please buy tickets online. To prepare your venue, please check the visiting conditions.

Indeed, Aventure Land attractions only use a little energy, the park is "zero phyto" since it opened. Aventure Land is also deeply rooted to relationships with customers: the park takes care of the welcome so that visitors can leave even happier than when they arrive. For parents and grand-parents, it's a pleasure: children can play around and be guided in the attractions stress-free.

We tried the park and it has been such a pleasure. It's a true heaven for families. A green and well looked after area, very clean with an alway smiling and welcoming staff without forgetting the many activities always renewing to offer novelties, we can only give it a green light and adopt it. The only flaw is that a day is too short to enjoy everything. For when is the tree house fitted for a stay and start again the next day?

Go and discover the hiking trail for 4 to 10 years old, new games in the trees and the mini-soccer field.

Aventure Land 2018, les photosAventure Land 2018, les photosAventure Land 2018, les photosAventure Land 2018, les photos

In 2018, Aventure Land and Ferme d'Ecancourt in Vauréal joined forces to offer a mini teaching farm to make the park visitors discover farm animals. In the heart of an enchanting setting, the place will allow visitors to get close to animals, touch them while learning to respect them.

Aventure Land also launched a tubing track in June 2018. Departing from a small hill, two parallel tracks allowing you to throw yourself in an infernal down aboard a buoy. Who will be the first one to arrive?

New in 2019:

Isabelle and Fabrice Thibault - the new managers - give a new breath of life to the park!

  • Discover new attractions and games
  • Come and admire the big and beautiful animal farm
  • Enjoy a new menu with hot dishes at the Snack des Aventuriers
  • Meet Roxies, Foxi's new friend
  • Enjoy new rates and a loyalty card
  • And Finally, don't queue to go to the restrooms, a brand-new building expects people needing to do their business

But that's not all since about thirty events will pace the season. Note that these events are included in the admission fee, so don't think twice.

Aventure Land 2018, les photosAventure Land 2018, les photosAventure Land 2018, les photosAventure Land 2018, les photos

Aventure Land 2018, les photosAventure Land 2018, les photosAventure Land 2018, les photosAventure Land 2018, les photos

For the rest, Aventure Land also features:

  • The Turbobob: The new high sensation ride
    Unique in France, this attraction is a bobsleigh on wheels that consists of racing down a 200-meter track. From 6 years old.

  • The life line cable
    A continuous life line cable ensures the safety of your children. The activities are risk free, so you won’t have to watch out for them all day long!

  • Hiking trail extension:
    Discover new games in the trees offered to the young ones (6-10 years old) in the hiking area as well as a brand-new resetting of the area reaching then about a hundred of games. Large nests held between trees, rope bridge, zig-zag, trapeze… You will definitely feel like Tarzan!

  • Aventure Land Beach
    It is hot and it is sunny: head to Aventure Land Beach! Covering about 1000-square meter, the sandy beach is located on the playground area and up to 300 people can come and rest in the sun. Deckchairs and water mister will offer visitors an idleness break when days are the hottest. The beach also offers ball and racket games, space ball and trampoline for children.

  • BABY PARCOURS: a mini adventuring course for toddlers.

  • Dare the VERTIG’HAUT: a course with a 8-m high secured jump platform to feel like a stuntman. Before landing on a giant mattress, you will experience incredible thrills!

Parc Aventure Land 2018Parc Aventure Land 2018Parc Aventure Land 2018Parc Aventure Land 2018

Grandpa and Grandma-sitter: €12.50 only
We know that grandpas and grandmas are often on “baby-sitting duty” so, you should know that great-children’s accompanying person will only have to pay €12.50 (starting from 60 years old).

Here is an overview of the park:

How about having fun outside?

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 21 April 2020 to 1 November 2020



    Parc Aventure Land
    95420 Magny en Vexin

    RN14 – Sortie N° 19

    Futures Mamans: 13 €
    Grands-Parents: 13 €
    De 1m à 1m29 inclus: 19 €
    À partir d'1m30: 26 €
    Pass Tribu 2 adultes 2 enfants: 80 €

    Recommended age
    For all

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