Team Break, the nerve-racking escape room in Paris 9th arrondissement

You want to escape from a prison, break into a building to dismantle a bomb or try and leave a plane that crashed on a lost island? Everything is possible at Team Break, escape room leader in France, which Parisian premises are set in Paris 9th arrondissement. Three rooms that are nerve-racking. Want to try your luck?

Who never dreamt of dismantling a bomb or escaping from a prison? This is what offers France’s escape room leader Team Break (also behind Inside Opera) in its Paris 9th arrondissement-based facility. Activities that are more than unique (even extraordinary for the ordinary mortal) setting the tone of the place’s different rooms. All in all, to be precise, there are 3 rooms: Prison Break, Lost and Mission Infiltration. Three rooms in which you are locked for an hour and from which you have to escape by solving enigmas.

Team Break’s goal: offering a true team immersion in a life-sized escape game where you have to keep your head cold if you want to make it to the end of enigmas and the room other mechanisms. A challenge you must face up with your team to make sure you’re out in time.

Three universes await you at Team Break:

  • Prison Break (4 to 7 players):

You and your friends are held captive in a secret prison and of course, you have to break free in less than 60 minutes, in which case you won’t be able to see the daylight ever again.

Team Break, l'escape game immersif du 9e arrondissement de Paris

  • Mission Infiltration (3 to 7 players):

A thermonuclear bomb is stored in a bunker belonging to one of the place’s devilish game master and to a stark raving mad dictator as well. You must find it and dismantle it in less than an hour if you want to save the world.

Team Break, l'escape game immersif du 9e arrondissement de Paris

  • Lost (3 to 6 players):

Your plane crashed on a desert and together, with your team, you have to fix it and restart it within an hour, before the island isolated monster appears and eats you.

Team Break, l'escape game immersif du 9e arrondissement de Paris

So, what will be your mission, friends?

Laurent P.
Last updated on 15 June 2018

Practical information


15-17 Rue des Martyrs
75009 Paris 9


3 personnes: 96 €
4 personnes: 112 €
5 personnes: 130 €
6 personnes: 150 €
7 personnes: 168 €

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Ouvert du lundi au dimanche de 10h à 22h.

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