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Parks open all night long in Paris, summer 2017

Published on 20 June 2017 By Elodie D.
Parc Citroën

Practical information

From 1 July 2017
To 3 September 2017

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In summer, it is difficult to find a refreshing oasis in Paris. In the day, we hide in fresh places and at night, riverbanks are taken over by people looking for fresh air. But, little did you know that from July 1st to September 3rd, 2017, Paris mayor’s office decided to open 16 municipal parks all day and all night long!

This summer, because of heat waves and to allow us to enjoy green evenings, the Parc Montsouris, the Parc André Citroën, the Parc Martin Luther King, the Parc des Buttes Chaumont will remain open all night long instead of closing at 8 p.m.

This decision taken by Paris mayor’s office also concerns the Parc Louis XII (4th arrondissement), the Parc Grands Explorateurs (6th arrondissement), the Parc Boucicaut (7th arrondissement), the Parc Villemin (10th arrondissement), the Parc Gardette (11th arrondissement), the Parc Emile Cohl (12th arrondissement), the Parc Georges Meliès (12th arrondissement), the Parc Albert Tournaire (15th arrondissement), the Parc Kellermann (13th arrondissement), the Parc Montsouris (14th arrondissement), the Parc Citroën (15th arrondissement), the Parc Sainte Périne (16th arrondissement), the Parc Séverine (20th arrondissement) and the Parc Aurélie Salel (20th arrondissement).

These parks feature toilets and water fountains to cool off and freshen up in the day or in the evening. You should also know that the temperature in the parks is a few degrees below the temperature in the neighborhood districts. To ensure your safety, a particular security has been set up so that you can peacefully enjoy your night walk in Parisian parks.

These oases of freshness will manage to please you and your family, night runners and night birds. Oh, and by the way, be ready to discover the magic of Paris by night and experience Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris!

Practical information:
Parks open all night long (in French)
From July 1 to September 3, 2017

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