Outdoor activities centers in Ile de France

Published by La rédaction · Published on 2 August 2022 at 09h08
To feel on vacations without riding the train or driving for 2 hours, the perfect solution is the outdoor activities centers! These artificial beaches are great to sunbathe, swim like by the sea, but including not too expensive activities as a bonus. Parisians or tourists, here is a lovely and cheap solution… to enjoy some relaxing time near our capital. Sortiraparis tells you everything about the 12 outdoor activities centers in Ile de France where swims and entertainments await.

Are you dreaming of water and warm sand? You do not need to go very far to lie in the sun and have fun like at the beach: outdoor activities centers in Ile de France welcome you to relax and have fun. Indeed, in addition to tonic sunbathing, many activities expect you with open arms in these outdoor activities centers: beaches, swimming pools, tree-climbing sites, minigolf, paddle boats, windsurf board, water ski lift…

Here is a short guide of the 12 outdoor activities centers in Ile de France:

Outdoor activities centers in Seine et Marne (77):

  • Bois le Roi: The Bois Le Roi outdoor activities center expects you to make you enjoy open-air entertainments, including bathing, golfing, and tennis. Set by the Seine with a direct access to the Fontainebleau forest, this outdoor activities center and its 73 hectares expect you for relaxing, sporting and fun family moments!

  • Buthiers: Calling families! The Île-de-Buthiers outdoor activities center awaits now with open-air activities such as bathing, tennis, swimming pool (from June 12) and even tree-climbing. 

  • Jablines - Annet: Feel like making the most of the warmer weather, your feet in the water? Run to the Jablines-Annet outdoor activities center now to enjoy all the fun. The ideal family place to relax and have fun. 

  • Vaires Torcy: The Varies Torcy outdoor activities center reopen to cyclists and pedestrians. Golf, horse-riding, bathing, discover all the activities to enjoy!

  • Varennes-sur-Seine: The Varennes-sur-Seine outdoor activities centers – set a few kilometers from the Fontainebleau forest – offers you to bathe for free and enjoy a day outside thanks to the different activities to experience with your family. For the record, bathing is strictly forbidding since 2017 outside the limits displayed by the warning plates. Remain alert, drowning hazard.

Outdoor activities centers in Yvelines (78):

  • Boucles de Seine: The Boucles de Seine outdoor activities center expects you for water activities and other entertainments for a fun moment. Set by Mantes-la-Jolie, the center provides a lush setting set 70km from Paris including a lake, a golf course and climbing rocks to enjoy a day in the open air.

  • Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines: The Saint-Quentin outdoor activities center invites you to discover their entertainments now! Enjoy water activities, the equestrian center and the golf course.

  • Val de Seine: Val de Seine outdoor activities center expects you now and allows bathing from June 12, 2021. The occasion to go green with your family or friends!

Outdoor activities centers in Essonne (91):

  • Etampes: Set 45km south of Paris, the Base Régionale de Loisirs d’Etampes offers the perfect setting to discover nature, leisure and sport. Sleigh and mini golf, tree-climbing, poney club, Pump Track...  Discover what to expect on the small island!

  • Port aux cerises: The Port aux Cerises outdoor activities center welcomes you in a verdant setting by the Seine, covering 175 hectares, 20 minutes from Paris. The occasion to relax with your family and enjoy new activities!

Outdoor activities centers in Seine-Saint-Denis (93):

  • Corniche des forts: A twelfth outdoor activities centers will be set at the Corniche des Forts in Seine-Saint-Denis. Currently under work, this relaxing rea already provides us with 30 hectares of green areas open to the public.

Outdoor activities centers in Val-de-Marne (94):

  • Creteil: The Créteil outdoor activities center opens for a relaxing family moment. With the nautical base, the orientation circuit, the outdoor activities center will delight the entire family.

Outdoor activities centers in Val d’Oise (95):

  • Cergy Pontoise: After closing for months because of the Covid epidemic, the Cergy-Pontoise outdoor activities center expects you again to enjoy the sun and fun. Set 30km from Paris, in the heart of the Cergy-Pontoise agglomeration, the outdoor activities center is a true green setting open all year long. 

In Ile de France, there are countless occasions to go away to one of these outdoor activities centers. Tree-climbing sites and swimming areas expect you, depending on the weather.

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