Visiting the Marais neighborhood in Paris

Are you looking for a lovely address in the Marais neighborhood in Paris? It’s perfect since Paris 4th arrondissement doesn’t lack ideas! For the best spots in town, follow the guide…

The Marais is said to be one of the most popular neighborhoods in Paris. Located in full heart of the French capital, it’s the trendy spot where it feels good to live. If it’s sunny, you can walk along the banks while when the weather grows grey, we find shelter in one of the many gourmet addresses. True den for fashion victims, it’s also a very artistic area, and, off an alleyway, you can even find a beautiful piece of street art. How can you make the best of this neighborhood? Follow the guide!

Improving your knowledge:

Musée Picasso
Musée Picasso Paris has been inaugurated on 25 October 2014. Located in the 3rd arrondissement the Hôtel Salé and its 3,800 square meters house the largest public collection of Pablo Picasso's work which consists of over 5,000 works of the master and 150 works of French artists Picasso bought throughout his career.

Guernica, l'exposition au Musée Picasso

Centre Pompidou and its new visit: Musée en Oeuvre(s)
Centre Pompidou celebrates its 40th anniversary! To celebrate this event, the National Museum of Modern Art takes on a new form and offers us new modern works through a smoother and more accessible trail. Dubuffet’s Jardin d’Hiver, Daniel Buren’s linear works and Bertrand Lavier’s. We enjoy this new presentation. Discover it in video now!

Musée en Oeuvre(s) au Centre Pompidou

Notre-Dame de Paris
With its 13 million visitors per year, Notre-Dame de Paris is one of the finest monuments and a witness of Paris history since its construction.

Le Bertagne, devant Notre-Dame de Paris

Objectif Horlogerie
Objectif Horlogerie invites you to admire and master time by cracking the secrets and mysteries of mechanical watch thanks to initiation workshops suited to novices and professionals! We tried it and here’s what we think!

Objectif Horlogerie : des ateliers d'horlogerie pour tous


Bains du Marais
Bains du Marais, the major address for wellness and wellbeing in Paris looks brand new after a year of embellishment works. This hybrid place that is both a spa and a restaurant tries everything to keep its title of temple of cocooning.

Les Bains du Marais se renouvellent - l’album photos


The best shopping addresses in Paris Marais
The Marais neighborhood in Paris is the most fashiona and trendiest place in the French capital. It's full of unique stores, rare gems that will make shopping addicts very happy.

 Kerzon ouvre sa première boutique à Paris


The best restaurants in the Marais neighborhood
Are you looking for a lovely restaurant in the Marais neighborhood in Paris? We’ve selected you the crème de la crème of this ultra-trendy spot. From breakfast to dinner, here are the best of the Marais restaurants!

Chilam : l’excellent Gastrobar mexicain de la capitale

Enjoying a sweet break:

The best patisseries and tea rooms
How about a gourmet break in the Marais neighborhood in Paris? Discover the best patisseries and tea rooms in Paris 4th arrondissement. Careful though, you may be addicted!

La nouvelle pâtisserie de Yann Couvreur, rue des Rosiers

Having a drink:

Fat Bar
Street art lovers, hip hop enthusiasts and cocktails fans have their new headquarters! Its name? FAT, a bar nestled in Paris Marais neighborhood.

FAT Bar Cocktails

Les Jardins du Marais
If you’re looking for a small corner of greenery in full heart of Paris, head to Les Jardins du Marais terrace, hidden in the 11th arrondissement and likely to enchant you with a 1,500 sqm area featuring refreshing alcoves.

Chocolate Bar Les Jardins du Marais

Le Jackpot
Within walking distance from the Halles, meet in Julien Agobert's new restaurant: Le Jackpot! At lunchtime or dinnertime, you'll find everything you want: brunch, chef cocktails, boards and plates to share.

Le Jackpot

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Last updated on 27 June 2018

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