Visiting the Marais neighborhood in Paris

Are you looking for a lovely address in the Marais neighborhood in Paris? It’s perfect since Paris 4th arrondissement doesn’t lack ideas! For the best spots in town, follow the guide…

The Marais is said to be one of the most popular neighborhoods in Paris. Located in full heart of the French capital, it’s the trendy spot where it feels good to live. If it’s sunny, you can walk along the banks while when the weather grows grey, we find shelter in one of the many gourmet addresses. True den for fashion victims, it’s also a very artistic area, and, off an alleyway, you can even find a beautiful piece of street art. How can you make the best of this neighborhood? Follow the guide!

Improving your knowledge:

Musée Picasso
Musée Picasso Paris has been inaugurated on 25 October 2014. Located in the 3rd arrondissement the Hôtel Salé and its 3,800 square meters house the largest public collection of Pablo Picasso's work which consists of over 5,000 works of the master and 150 works of French artists Picasso bought throughout his career.

The Centre Pompidou and its new visit: Musée en Oeuvre(s)
The Centre Pompidou celebrates its 40th anniversary! To celebrate this event, the National Museum of Modern Art takes on a new form and offers us new modern works through a smoother and more accessible trail. Dubuffet’s Jardin d’Hiver, Daniel Buren’s linear works and Bertrand Lavier’s. We enjoy this new presentation. Discover it in video now!


Bains du Marais
Bains du Marais, the major address for wellness and wellbeing in Paris looks brand new after a year of embellishment works. This hybrid place that is both a spa and a restaurant tries everything to keep its title of temple of cocooning.


Launched by the Kerzon brothers, the family brand gets inspired by childhood scents, happy trips and charming places to offer you products with unique perfumes that may smell like something familiar and you’ll take down memory lane.

The pastel blue façade attracts curious passersby looking for a haven of peace to bring back home. And this is exactly what offers Huygens: natural treatments that suit the needs for whom life is not always easy. Certified organic, these products are 100% made in France!

Marius Fabre
Marius Fabre is this soap factory that has made Marseilles soap its specialty. Very into tradition and crafts, it’s about to make you rediscover its universe with its first store located in the Marais neighborhood.

La Maison du Savon de Marseille
La Maison du Savon de Marseille is a shop that offers you to get your fill of soaps from the Phocaean city, Marseilles. It aims at respecting a 100% plant and traditional know-how.

Sens Unique
Sens Unique is an intimist address nestled in the heart of Paris Marais area, the area for all trends and avant-garde. Here, you find rare perfumes, exclusivities that you find anywhere else.

Parle Moi de Parfum
Parle Moi de Parfum offers you to discover a collection of fragrance born thanks to a family’s passion for the art of perfume. An enchanting setting without fuss.

Le Studio des Parfums
Le Studio des Parfums is the address you should remember if you think that if you want something done, do it yourself. Why? Because here, you can create your very own perfume. Crazy, isn’t it?


Vins des Pyrénées
How about a super eatery to spend a delightful family or friendly time without having the kids getting impatient and ruining your meal? I’ve got your back! Quick, book Kids-Friendly Sundays at Vins des Pyrénées!

Hank Burger
Hank Burger is one of these addresses you should know in Paris. Every day, it pleases vegetarians and curious eaters by treating them with very flavorful burgers.

Homer Lobster
Lobster rolls enthusiasts will now have their taste buds fulfilled thanks to the opening – in early February 2018 – of Homer Lobster, the new gourmet address of Moïse Sfez. An address nestled in Paris 4th arrondissement.

PH7 Equilibre
PH7 Equilibre is a new, healthy and delicious eatery in the 9th arrondissement in Paris. The restaurant serves not only vegetarian and organic cuisine (sometimes even vegan dishes) but also meals that respect an acido-basic balance. With these fresh, seasonal ingredients including vegans and gluten-free options, you can order guilt-free with your eyes closed.

Les Bonnes Sœurs
Les Bonnes Sœurs is a small flavorful setting located not far from the Place des Vosges in Paris 3rd arrondissement. We enjoy hearty and delicious plates likely to please meat lovers, fish enthusiasts and cooked vegetables.

Food Market by Le BHV Marais
Le BHV Marais replaces the Cour Bleue with what they called the POD: Parisian Omnivore District. Open 24/7 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., it brings together 6 food corners that will fulfill everyone’s taste.

Enjoying a sweet break:

Yann Couvreur
French pastry chef Yann Couvreur opens his second pastry shop in Paris rue des Rosiers in the fourth arrondissement. A new pastry shop that has a few wonderful surprises in store: a counter for pastries made on order and to take away and a homemade ice creams counter. Let’s go stuff our faces!

She’s cake by Sephora
She’s Cake by Sephora is the spot devoted to cheesecake in Paris, but not just any cheesecake! Here, you discover unique and even uncommon recipes that are savory or sweet while remaining very light.

Maison Aleph
Hey sweet treats lovers, stop what you are doing and head to Paris 4th arrondissement to discover Maison Aleph Paris. The place offers a whole range of delightful pastries mixing traditional Levantine ingredients and know-how from the contemporary French pastry-making.

Le Mont du Bonheur
Le Mont du Bonheur is this spot entirely dedicated to Mont-Blanc. Originally based on chestnut cream, here, the delicious pastry is displayed in several versions and many colors.

Café Berry
In the trendy neighborhood of Le Marais, Café Berry is the new place to unwind, to have a coffee break during a very busy day…

T’Cup is a new family tea salon that is 100% British! We come for the breakfast Cream Tea, its affordable English teatime, for its incredible cheddar burger, its Sunday Roast or simple for roaming around its lovely library, to work or to have a small break with friends in the country of Lewis Carroll!

Le Fumoir teatime
As a true institution in the Louvre neighborhood, Le Fumoir is the typical local brasserie that’s open for everyone from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. every day. The brasserie is full of people daily, no matter if they are tourists or Parisians, they all come to enjoy the muted atmosphere and to work with a good cup of tea. We love the place, the atmosphere and the view on the Louvre!

Having a drink:

Fat Bar
Street art lovers, hip hop enthusiasts and cocktails fans have their new headquarters! Its name? FAT, a bar nestled in Paris Marais neighborhood.

Les Jardins du Marais
If you’re looking for a small corner of greenery in full heart of Paris, head to Les Jardins du Marais terrace, hidden in the 11th arrondissement and likely to enchant you with a 1,500 sqm area featuring refreshing alcoves.

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Last updated on 15 March 2018

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