The Best Escape Games in Paris

Published by Laurent P. · Published on 16 August 2019 at 17h54 · Updated on 23 August 2019 at 17h55
Can’t get enough of the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes or solving mysteries of any sort? Have you dreamed of solving your own mystery in a haunted manor? Escape games let you experience these adventures for one hour with your family or friends. Use your cleverness, team spirit and your observation to help you win!

You’ve probably heard about live escape games. The goal is simple: Shut a group of friends, family or colleagues in a room and wait until they can find their way out before the time’s up (usually about 60 minutes.) In the past year, these games have gained popularity and spread around the capital. They are aimed toward the general public (ages 9 and up) and are a great way to share memorable and fun moments with people you know. For an hour, you get to become Sherlock Holmes, searching for clues in all of the nooks and crannies and sharing information with your friends, without being bothered by cellphones and without an exit door. Stuck together in a room, the group has to put their heads together in order to make it out unscathed. Warning: these cooperation-based games that are based on fool-proof logic and sharp reflexes are highly addicting

When you play a live escape game, you only get one shot; obviously, once you know the ending, you can’t play again. Each escape game is designed in its own way, with different worlds difficulty levels.

So choose one that's right for you and enjoy the game! 

The Best Escape Games in Paris:

ZEN ROOM Hint HuntHint Hunt, the capital's first escape game

Hint Hunt is the first escape game that was tested out in Paris, with puzzling scenarios and unexpected surprises. You can choose from two different scenarios in different places: a crime scene in James Murdock’s office and an investigation in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Mystery escapeMystery Escape, the most puzzling mysteries

Mystery Escape was the most challenging escape game for us to solve. When we managed to escape in extremis just 15 seconds before the end, we were surprised that we made it out at all. Stuck in a haunted mansion, you have one hour to reveal the murderer and release the victim’s spirit, aching for vengeance!

Prizoners, un nouvel aventure game à ParisPrizoners, the Archivists vs the Purple Order

With Prizoners, you are entrusted with a mission to foil the Purple Order secret society, and discover the magical powers of the Spiritus Orbitus! With three missions and travels through time, you have to solve the great mystery around the death of Richelieu.

team breakTeam break, live adventure game

Dive into surprising new settings with Team Break, where you have one hour to either save the world from an atomic bomb or  escape from a terrifying island, or 30 minutes to save the world from an epidemic contagion! 

GAMESCAPEGAMESCAPE, travel through Paris's history

GAMESCAPE takes you to other times and places in the capital’s history. You’ll find yourself trapped in the dungeons of the Bastille, in Gustave Eiffel’s office, or in the Middle Ages, a total and complete immersion!

LeavinRoom, l'escape game à WagramLeavinRoom, l'escape game à WagramLeavinRoom, l'escape game à WagramLeavinRoom, l'escape game à WagramLeavinRoom, an alternative kind of space

At Leavin Room, each story in adapted to the adventurer. The curious types can be dive into the world of Alice in Wonderland, world travelers take a tour around the world in 60 minutes, and coming soon, horror movie buffs can be trapped with JigSaw, the murderer from Saw.

Braquer une banque chez The GameBraquer une banque chez The GameBraquer une banque chez The GameBraquer une banque chez The GameThe Game, learn how to hold up a bank

The Game challenges you to rob a bank in one hour, before the armed forces arrive. An informant gives you the bank’s layout plan, the explains that the surveillance videos will be cut off for exactly one hour.

Victory escape gameVictory escape gameVictory escape gameVictory escape gameVictory Escape Game

Victory Escape Game comes as the newest addition to the world of escape games in Paris. Located in the Opera district of the city, this game trains us in four different worlds, for four different adventures with our friends.

Team Break CNIT MOVE

Team Break is expanding! Since last November, the world’s largest escape game will now be in the court at the 4 Temps shopping mall at La Defense. There are 8 game rooms including one giant events room (over 12,000 sqft)! Let’s just say you have a wide selection to choose from!

l'Escape Game Crack the Egg lance sa première mission : Chinatownl'Escape Game Crack the Egg lance sa première mission : Chinatownl'Escape Game Crack the Egg lance sa première mission : Chinatownl'Escape Game Crack the Egg lance sa première mission : ChinatownCrack the Egg
Avenue Daumesnil Escape Game, Crack the Egg invites you on a trip to the heart of San Francisco Triade in the late 70’s. Investigate to find the legendary egg that shook up the course of History and transformed men’s fate without anyone succeeding in decoding its secrets…

Believe us, once you try one of these escape games, you'll be hooked! 


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