Lego® celebrates its 60th anniversary at Aquarium de Paris

From March 10 to May 6, 2018, Aquarium de Paris is getting a makeover and is adorned with thousands of tiny and colorful bricks to celebrate 60 years of the cult construction game, LEGO®.

The famous LEGO® brick is 60 years old in 2018 and for the occasion, it will take over the entire Aquarium de Paris Cinéaqua from March 10 to May 6, 2018. On the menu: scenography, decoration of the aquarium, sea construction workshops, treasure hunt, giant figurines and creation of a participative work with thousands of bricks.

  • A participative work:

The brand LEGO® and Aquarium de Paris offer all visitors to take part to a giant participative work and everyone is invited to help building a sea ecosystem made out of brick.

Les 60 ans de LEGO® à l'Aquarium de Paris

  • Kids’ workshops:

Thanks to LEGO® educative bricks, kids can learn while having fun and developing their creativity. Accompanied by the Aquarium hosts, kids build fishes, corals… and recreate many other sea ecosystems thank to LEGO® game pieces.

Les 60 ans de LEGO® à l'Aquarium de Paris

  • Solving an enigma:

Children can take part to a giant treasure hunt around the LEGO® universe. All along the course, they have to look for clues and solve an enigma thanks to which they can leave with a souvenir gift from Aquarium de Paris.

Les 60 ans de LEGO® à l'Aquarium de Paris

All along the visit of Aquarium de Paris, children can discover 5 windows each displaying an enigma and representing a unique scene especially created on the occasion. It’s said that each window counts up to hundreds of bricks and needed more than 8 hours of work.

  • The mangrove: 800 bricks
  • The coral reef: 1200 bricks
  • The rock formation: 11,100 bricks
  • The stranded boat: 1200 bricks
  • The underwater cave: 1700 bricks

Les 60 ans de LEGO® à l'Aquarium de Paris

In short, still many great animations for kids to be discovered at Aquarium de Paris.

Julie M.
Last updated on 8 March 2018

Practical information

Opening Time
From 10 March 2018 to 6 May 2018



    5 Avenue Albert de Mun
    75116 Paris 16

    Métro Trocadéro ou Iena
    RER Champs de Mars

    -3 ans: Free
    enfant: 13 €
    jeune: 16 €
    adulte: 20,50 €

    Recommended age
    For all

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