The Crocodile Farm, a wonderful experience to enjoy with your family

Published by Rizhlaine F. · Updated on 26 February 2020 at 12h25 · Published on 25 February 2020 at 13h48
The La Ferme aux Crocodiles – or Crocodile Farm – is an uncommon wildlife park expecting you in Pierrelatte, in Drôme. Children and adults can dive into a world of reptiles while discovering exotic plants, tropical fishes and birds.

Have you heard about La Ferme aux crocodiles ? Head to Pierrelatte, in Drôme, to go on the discovery of this uncommon wildlife park. No lions, pandas and giraffes, this incredible farm is the universe of reptiles and you’re invited to meet them with your family!

Children and adults will dive into the fascinating world of these cold-blooded animals and they will discover the turtle island, the crocodile island, the bird island and the aquarium. You’ll meet over 600 animals living in semi-captivity and among them we have Shrek the alligator snapping turtle, Micheline the pig-nosed turtle, Elvis the great hornbill and even Albi, the albino American alligator.

From the gigantic Galapagos tortoise to the anaconda and dragonfish or the blue-bellied roller, as many fascinating species to discover! With a bit of luck, you can even attend their feeding session.

But at the Crocodile Farm, the fauna isn’t the only fascinating feature! Ranked as botanical garden, you discover some 600 species and varieties of tropical plants.

And since walking around whets the appetite, you can enjoy a picnic area for a bucolic lunch or rush to Croc Délices, the tropical snack that will treat your taste buds to a fantastic journey.

Practical information


La Ferme aux Crocodiles
26700 Pierrelatte

moins de 3 ans: Free
billet enfant de 3 à 12 ans: €11
billet adulte: €17
Pack Famille - 2 adultes & 2 enfants: €50
Pack Famille - 2 adultes & 3 enfants: €55

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