Exploradôme, the interactive museum of sciences and digital technology

Published by Manon C. · Published on 9 October 2019 at 14h07 · Updated on 2 December 2019 at 12h09
Let’s head to Exploradôme, the interactive museum of sciences and digital technology to learn more and experience digital technology with your children while having fun!

Set in Vitry-sur-Seine since 2009, Exploradôme is an interactive museum of sciences and digital technology where visitors are invited to discover and experiment many scientific concepts in a playful way.

All in all, about fifty devices, called “manips” are available for children and their parents to understand phenomenon such as optical illusions, climate, energy and even movement. Like works of art, these installations only expect to be woke up and touched by your hands. Pushing a button, you can create a circle of smoke, blow on a tornado, tap your shadow on a wall and try a balloon’s weightlessness.

Once on the first floor, you can discover the temporary exhibition area mixing sciences and society facts. From now on and until March 2020, you can discover the “Trajectoires” exhibition asking about the notion of moving and how it shapes cities, cultures and even languages.

Exploradôme upcoming exhibition – planned from March 2020 – will be called “En quête d’égalité – Sur les traces du Racisme” [Looking for equality – on the traces of racism]. It will invite visitors to deconstruct stereotypes and identify the mechanisms leading to racism while investing through 4 themed areas.

Also note that all year long, Exploradôme proposes individual or group workshops around exhibitions and varied disciplines such as cooking, IT, mechanics or even biology.

Both playful and instructive, Exploradôme is perfect. Children learn and concretely experience sciences and technology while having great fun!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 9 October 2019 to 31 December 2019



    18 avenue Henri-Barbusse, Place du Marché
    94400 Vitry sur Seine

    -4 ans: Free
    Réduit: 5 €
    Plein: 7 €

    Official website


    More informations
    Vacances scolaires :
    Du lundi au vendredi : de 10h à 18h. Le samedi : 10h30 - 18h.
    Jours fériés : de 13h à 18h

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