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France miniature : France in small

Published on 29 March 2017 By Julie M.
France miniature : les nouveautés 2015

Practical information

From 1 April 2017
To 5 November 2017

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25 Route du Mesnil
78990 Elancourt

Free (-4 ans)
15 euros (4-14 ans)
21 euros (adultes)

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You want to travel around France just in one day ? Then France Miniature is made for you ! Located 20 minutes away from the Porte d’Auteuil and 10 minutes away from famous Versailles, this theme park uses scale models to show you the best monuments the country has to offer. In 2016, France Miniture celebrates its 25th birthday and offers a wide range of activities on this special occasion.

As soon as you get into France Miniature’s green parking lot, you’ll feel lifted in another world. You’re in nice looking park that you can enjoy with your children. Discover the magnificent French monuments on a scale 1:30, with a total of 117 replicas of monuments and 150 French typical landscapes. There are so many things you won’t even know where to look at.

France Miniature

From the Arc de Triomphe to the Théâtre d’Orange, Saint-Emilion’s village to the Castle of Montmaur and Auvergne volcanos, the Castles of la Loire or the Place Stanislas of Nancy, all the beauty of the French heritage unveils itself in front of your eyes. You will have to walk across the alleys to realize how many outstanding places of interest this country has to offer.

France Miniature

You think your kids will be bored by France Miniature ? Trust us, you’ll be surprised. Not only they enjoy the park, but the majority of them also asks to go back. Why ? Because at France Miniature, you discover French monuments and you get to do many fun activities throughout the day : You can try to get your hands on King Arthur’s legendary sword, ring the northern bells on a trampoline, learn how to make a barrel and a barrage...

Since last year, kids can get into the skin of an archeologist, and look for Gallo-Roman and medieval treasures using shovels and sieves. They will be able to find pearls, gold or silver buttons, and mosaic pieces refering to the Gallo-Roman era, jewelry, coins and keys refering to the medieval era.

France Miniature

A new generation prehistorical cave inspired from Lascaux allows you to go 18 000 years back in the past. You’ll be able to reproduce 18 different cave paintings on a touchscreen, using flint to engrave, paintbrushes and blowpipes to project the colour pigments in an original way. And what could be more glorifying than seeing your creation projected on the wall of the cave, right next to permanent ones. If you’re hanging out around the Château de Versailles, don’t miss your chance to animate the famous castle fountains just like they used to do back in Louis XIV’s era.

France miniature fête ses 25 ans

France miniature fête ses 25 ans

France Miniature

Check out all the attractions dedicated to children :

  • La ronde des autos : from 4 to 10 years old
    Children drive a small electric car (3 miles per hour max) and travel around France across a 3000 square feet circuit.

  • Le Toboggan de course : a 6 man race, starting at 9 meters in height

  • Galipette : a rollercoaster for two.

  • Pile ou face : challenge the laws of gravity.

  • T'es pas Cap : Climb a 8 meter volcano, and slide right back to the starting point

  • Chat perché : Climbing of a 7 meter tower to contemplate France in a blink of an eye, followed by a gentle free falling

  • Tête en l'aire : A Channel flyover floating above the water

France Miniature

France Miniature

France Miniature


2017 season at France Miniature :

  • April 16th, 17th : Easter eggs
    On April, the France miniature theme park invites you to a geant Easter Eggs hunt

  • On May 7th, 14th, 21th and 27th : « MAI’DIÉVALE »
    France Miniature turns back the clock and makes you travel across France during the Middle Age era : building activities, folkloric dances, initiation to artistic fencing and many more.

  • In September : Heritage days
    Discover the French heritage in less than a day at France Miniature. Your kids will be able to do collage and cutting activities.

Useful information:
Official website : France Miniature

Location : Boulevard Andé Malraux 78990 Elancourt
Open from April 9th to Novembre 2nd

Schedule of opening
Rates : 21€ per adult, 15€ per child from 4 to 14 years old


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