Disney’s Halloween Party 2017 and the Skeletoons Party

From October 1 to November 5, 2017, Halloween is back at Disneyland Paris! Jack-o-lantern and pumpkins lovers are about to be disappointed, the park's 25th birthday is given full pride of place and Halloween decorations are limited to Frontierland. Yet, for over a month, the park is getting all spooky for the occasion and promotes villains. A super-colorful novelty will make you party with skeletons and Goofy!

For Halloween 2017, Disney villains await you at Disneyland Paris. For one month, from October 1 to November 5, 2017, they put you through the wringer to try to reign on the Disneyland theme park. To make you join their cause, they will multiply encounters and selfies on the web. And what about being the villain for once and getting a picture with them all?

This year, regular visitors will be disappointed since they won't see the fall and orange colors that usually reign everywhere. The park's 25th anniversary takes priority and the main street keeps its blue and silver decorations. Yet, we must say that Frontierland displays a nice effort with fluo-colored skeletons. We only regret that it's limited to this small area of the park.

Halloween à Disneyland Paris 2017 et la Skeletoons Party

For the first time this year, Disneyland Paris invites you to Goofy's Skeletoons Party. A very colorful party full of surprises. This year, all covered in bones, he'll set the pace to Frontierland with his band. They invite you to party with them in a decor where you'll run into skeletoons that are funnier and more colorful than the last.

Halloween à Disneyland Paris 2017 et la Skeletoons Party

We also announce the coming of two and rare friends to Disneyland Paris: José Carioca and Panchito Pistoles, Donald Duck's friends in the movie "The Three Caballeros". Finally, Mickey and Minnie will also be in for very colorful meet and greets.

Halloween à Disneyland Paris 2017 et la Skeletoons Party

This year, you'll love to hate the villains with a 100% unique parade: Mickey's Halloween Tricycle Gang. Disney VIllains will gather their troops to impress you. Accompanied by other Disney Characters, they'll take you to the road of Halloween spirits at the rhythm of their surprising tricycles. An event to discover every day on Main Street, U.S.A.

On the menu:

  • Mickey's Halloween Tricycle Gang:
    What would be Disneyland Paris without its parades? And for Halloween 2017, discover Disney Character's unique parade on their surprising tricycles. Wave at Mickey and friends dressed in their colorful Halloween outfits. But watch out, Capitain Hook and his impish Disney Villains band prowl around the park with more than one trick up their sleeves.

Halloween à Disneyland Paris 2017 et la Skeletoons Party

  • Goofy's Skeletoons Party
    Immerse yourself in a fall party full of life during which smiling skeletoons, scarecrows, street dancers and dragon women set the pace. Jump with joy when, on a bewitching music, arrives a whole new band of Disney Characters with Goofy, José and Panchito with their crazy costumes.

Here are the Disney Villains likely to be present:

    • The most chicken-livered pirate of them all, that fear the simple sound of a ticking clock. A certain… Captain Hook (Peter Pan).
    • The one whose favorite hobby is to say, “Off with their heads!”: the Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland)
    • The one who will remain jealous of the fairest one of all, whether she will be the Evil Queen or the Witch: the Evil Queen (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves)
    • She is evil, and if she doesn’t scare you, nothing will and she loves fur coats made of… Dalmatians! Of course, it’s Cruella De Vil (One Hundred and One Dalmatians)!
    • He dreams of the Genie’s Magic Lamp to make the beautiful Jasmine fall in love with him and become the Sultan. Jafar (Aladdin) is likely to be in.
    • Other terrifying Disney characters also plan to come… To be continued!

Halloween à Disneyland Paris 2017 et la Skeletoons Party

  • The famous Halloween party on October 31:
    The Halloween Party is obviously taking part on October 31 in the evening at the Disneyland Paris park. On the menu: exceptional shows and parades, encounters with Disney characters and many more surprises. An event you should live with your friends and family from 8:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. (from 5 p.m. at the park entrance).

In short, this year, Disneyland Paris offers us a very festive and oh-so colorful Halloween but far from being scary, mainly limited to Frontierland and perfectly suited to the very young visitors.

Practical information:
Halloween 2017 at Disneyland Paris
From October 1 to November 5, 2017
Disneyland Paris
Halloween Party
October 31, 2017 from 8:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. – doors open from 5 p.m.
Rates: €45 per person, free for children under 3
Information and booking

Photo credit: ©Disney

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Last updated on 15 October 2017

Practical information

Opening Time
From 1 October 2017 to 5 November 2017



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