Things to Do with Children During Summer Vacation in Paris

Summer vacation, it’s the best time of year to go out with the kids. In Paris, there is less traffic, sun in the sky (well, most of the time) and endless possibilities. Yes, in Paris we are spoiled, because there is always something new and exciting to do. Sortiraparis has put together a list of all of the essential outings to not be missed this summer, new theme park events, original family walks, workshops and cultural outings...Let’s just say, we’ve got everything you need to have an amazing time this summer 2016 in Paris!

So you’re in Paris this summer 2016 with your family, either as a tourist or because you live in the region, and looking for the best family outing ideas? We have everything you need to keep kids busy for the whole season!

Theme Park and Fairground Festival Guide 2016
La Fête des Tuileries revient !
Carousels and amusement rides are one sure way to entertain kids. Sortirapris is here to guide you through the many amusement parks and fairground festivals in Paris and the region during the 2016 summer vacation period. Between Discobelix and Lutèce Plage in the Parc Asterix, the new rides at La Mer de Sable park, the Tuileries fairground festival in the heart of the capital, the bobsleigh in Adventure Land or the Fête des Loges events, you have a wide variety of options!

Going on Family Walks and Outings This Summer in Paris and the Area

R de jeux, la ludothèque à ciel ouvert, Place de la RépubliqueIn Paris, summer is the perfect time to get out and go on a walk with the kids. Sortiraparis has some interesting ideas and recommendations for parents who want to get some fresh air with their little ones. Go discover the gardens, castles, zoos and other aquariums in the region where children can experience new things and have fun! 

Festivals for Children in Paris
Festival du cinéma en plein air de La Villette 2013

Music, theater, cinema - festivals are popping up left and right like daisies this summer, including festivals for kids! Sortiraparis offers its selection of children's festivals to try out and approve. They come in all shapes and sizes and there’s something for all ages! So, what will it be, an outdoor film festival (Cinéma en plein air), or a children's music festival (Pestacles) in the Parc Floral? 

Outings for Cultural Experiences and Culture with Children

This summer 2016, maybe you’re looking for something that combines fun and learning to fill the kids’ schedules. What about bringing them to see dinosaurs, barbies, super heroes, or baby animals? Sortiraparis has prepared a list of all of the best museum exhibitions and cultural events for kids and their parents!

Swimming and Beaches in Ile-de-France

In summer, everyone dreams of sandy beaches and coconut trees, but what if you have to stay in the Ile de France region? The best solution is to make the most of the many different beaches and swimming spots specially set up for the locals that are stuck in the city. Between the Paris Plages events, sports, nature and recreation parks and other fun beach events planned, the summer season transforms Paris into a beach resort where families dream of going!

Flower and Produce Picking Around Paris
cueillette des fraises

Self-service picking is a fun way to get out of the city and enjoy the fresh air. Just minutes away from Paris, you can experience the joy of collecting and picking your own seasonal flowers, fruits and vegetables. There isn’t a fresher way to get your produce, and your wallet will thank you for it too! It’s a nice idea for a family outing, since kids love discovering and tasting fruits and vegetables.

The Best Places for a Picnic in Paris

Picnicking is an affordable and fun activity that kids love too. Now all you have to figure out is where to go…

Sports Activities for Kids This Summer

parcours aventure

Are your little ones full of energy and jumping all over the place? You might want to try a sports activity this summer in Paris. Between basketball, swimming, ropes courses or even bungee jumping, the city and the region have plenty of fun outlets for kids where they can release some of that relentless energy! 

Reading in Paris's Gardens

During summer, Parisians dash off to the parks to catch a little sun, and there’s nothing better than bringing a good book to read under the summer sky. The city council in Paris has caught on to the idea and is relaunching their park public library initiative, making books accessible to readers of all ages, available just outside the park walls, during the months of July and August 2016.

So if after all that you still don’t know what to do with the kids this summer in Paris, take a closer look! We’re sure there’s something for every family in our guides to this summer’s activities with children.

Happy summer vacation, everyone!

Le mur des enfants sur les Berges de Seine ©Henri Garat/Mairie de Paris

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