Koezio, a New Kind of Adventure Park

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Published by Jennifer R. · Published on 1 April 2016 at 14h36
Koezio is a huge adventure park that's unlike any other. Visitors can play games that help build self-confidence, team spirit, and cooperation in a high-tech setting inside the shopping mall Carré Sénart (77).

Koezio is a one-of-a-kind park based on an adventure game concept, played in teams. So what's it all about? Become a special agent and carry out missions in a fun and high-tech setting that's full of surprises. Spend 2 full hours traveling through 5 different worlds of clever scenography.

Koezio has developed physical and intellectual game concepts like you've never seen before: interactive challenges on “multitouch” tables, obstacle courses at stunning heights, giant game modules, fascinating mazes, take a climbing tour with laser beam barriers to cross through…

This new game extends over more than 64,000 square feet in a building with specially designed 50 ft ceiling. Mixing humor, teamwork, and self-transcendence, Koeizio puts human values at the heart of their activities. Whether it’s with friends, family or colleagues, Koezio is accessible to everyone, offerring a valuable and positive experience.

The concept:

Players wear special uniforms with innovative RFID chip systems, becoming a special agents in order to carry out Cooperation Missions with their team. The Mission requires:

  • Searching for clues and taking the Knowledge Quiz
  • Crossing 5 worlds, devising  new strategies
  • Winning enough points to make it in the Hall of Fame
  • Figuring out the Final Riddle

Koezio welcomes its special agents into a fun and relaxed space. With a panoramic bar lounge, a themed restaurant, high-end conference room...it was all designed give the full Koezio experience, with attention to detail and quality.

5 Koezio Worlds:

  • KeyMaze: Travel through time and against the clock in a futuristic maze
  • Speedspot: Test out your speed in a giant game course.
  • KnowZone: Put your heads together and take the Knowledge Quiz.
  • LazerCross: Prouve how flexible and agile you are by dodging laser beams.
  • WingWay: Push yourself to the limit and work as a team while suspended 40ft up the air.

About Koezio:

The company KDP SAS is behind the Koezio concept, and is a French company created in 2006 and based out of Villeneuve d’Ascq (59). Koezio is a urban game park concept that is the only one of its kind, imagined by Bertrand Delgrange,  indoor games specialist who has dedicated the past 16 years to his passion for developing urban and innovative concepts.

Koezio has been in the Ile-de-France region since June 2013,  in the Carré Sénart shopping center, and will be expanding to other cities in France and Europe, (10 new parks and projects on the horizon for 2017.)

Useful Information:

Official Site: Koezio Sénart Facebook Page
Place: 5-7 Allée du Trait d’Union, 77127 Lieusaint
Open since June 2013

Invitations to be taken

Remportez votre session Koezio pour 5 personnes !

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Practical Information: Start date: 24/03/2014 - End date: 06/04/2014
Practical information


Allée du Préambule
77127 Lieusaint

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