Mao Dumpling Bar, the new Chinese canteen in Paris 3rd arrondissement

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on October 6th, 2020 at 05:01 p.m.
Mao Dumpling Bar is the Chinese canteen 2.0 that opened in Paris 3rd arrondissement. On the menu, super original dumplings and delicious dishes to share between guests.

Friends, today we take you to a brand-new and super mouthwatering address that opened in Paris 3rd arrondissement: Mao Dumpling Bar. You understand with the name that this new spot provides you with a beautiful selection of very original dumplings but not only!

Before we get into the details of the menu, let us explain how this place devoted to Chinese gastronomy 2.0 was born. At the edge between the Chinese canteen and the local bar, Mao Dumpling Bar was created by Adrien Zheng who expects to mix good food and events in partnership with artists, labels and partners from different backgrounds.

Mao Dumpling BarMao Dumpling BarMao Dumpling BarMao Dumpling Bar

On the menu, specialties from all Chinese regions concocted by two chefs: one coming from Northern China, who hand-makes dumplings and other preparations based on dough; the other from Southern China concocts tapas to share.

Yes, the menu features dumplings and small dishes to share between friends. Starting with dumplings, we went for the most original ones the kimchi dumplings (€11) that are as spicy as can be (okay, perhaps we would have loved them spicier!), cheese dumplings (€11), the restaurant’s signature dish, super cheesy with melted cheddar and Emmental, and the Sichuan dumplings (€11) served in a spicy-peanut sauce.

Mao Dumpling BarMao Dumpling BarMao Dumpling BarMao Dumpling Bar

You get it: if you are looking for original dumplings far from the traditional pork and chives or chicken and mushroom dumplings (also available here), magic happens at Mao Dumpling Bar.

As for dishes to share, we went for the chive pancake (€8), crispier than moist and especially the Hongshao eggplants (€8), super smooth, one of our favorite Chinese dishes perfectly executed by Mao cooks.

Mao Dumpling BarMao Dumpling BarMao Dumpling BarMao Dumpling Bar

Moving on to drinks, we paired our dishes with two cocktails: the Shanghai Mule (€12) with Baiju, organic ginger beer, squeezed lemon and mint; and the Mao Tonic (€10) based on gin, Indian tonic and yuzu confit.

Who wants some dumplings?

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts October 3rd, 2020



    28 Rue de Saintonge
    75003 Paris 3

    Desserts: €5 - €7
    Plats à partager: €6 - €10
    Dumplings: €10 - €11
    Cocktails: €10 - €12

    Official website