UGC Opera movie theater

Published by Charlene S. · Photos by Charlene S. · Published on February 27, 2020 at 10:33 a.m.
This is the only UGC movie theater set in Paris 9th arrondissement. UGC Opera provides a variety of movies played along with cult movies.

Playing a dozen movies, UGC Opera is set in Paris 9th arrondissement and provides domestically released movies every week, sometimes playing over 10 weeks after their release. Inside, 4 rooms are available at UGC Opéra so that you can watch and watch again movies you haven’t had the time to see yet.

Available in original version or with subtitles, there are also movies tagged by UGC labels such as label UGC M or UGC Family, a label enabling you to see what movies are more fitted to viewers. By the way, the label UGC Culte allows you on Thursday evenings to see (again) a movie that marked the history of movies. For instance, enjoy Thelma and Louise by Ridley Scott or even Dracula by Francis Ford Coppola. And for now 10 years, the UGC group throws the Viva l'Opéra operation consisting in making you discover lyrical works and ballets on a big screen.

 Note that the UGC movie theater is set only 600 meters from the Palais Garnier and its famous Italian style opera. You can also pay a visit to Grévin Paris and its famous wax figures just 7 minutes by foot from the theater. At an equal distance, enjoy the Galeries Lafayette Boulevard Haussmann. And a bit further, 13 minutes by foot, is set another emblematic movie theater in Paris that enjoys the biggest room in Europe, Le Grand Rex.

Movies to be displayed in UGC Opéra:
De grandes espérances
Mon Crime
Sage homme
Les Gardiennes de la planète

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32 boulevard des Italiens
75009 Paris 9


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