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On June 21, to mark the 36h de Saint-Eustache, the immersive show Luminiscence is organizing an electro-lyrical evening in the church of Saint-Eustache in the heart of Les Halles, Paris!

Get ready to discover Saint-Eustache church as you've never seen it before! For the Fête de la Musique, discover an exclusive musical version, where electro meets opera!

Take a seat in the nave and watch a dazzling visual show! Experience a timeless journey. Immerse yourself in a 360-degree experience, where video, sound and light combine to unveil the secrets of the nave, vaults and choir, revealing the hidden treasures of this architectural gem up to 30 meters high.

The MVSICÆ collective, creators of the Electro Orchestral soundtrack to Luminiscence, perform a live Electro-Lyrical version of the show. In the nave, the sounds of electronic music and remixed neoclassical melodies are magnified by Paul Lecomte on synthesizer, Valérie Belleville on violin, and Véronique Pain and Frédéric Bayle (soprano and tenor), two lyrical singers with powerful voices.

"When Baudelaire meets Electro music

To these rhythms, actor Olivier Clerc, narrator for the evening, will reveal the legend of Saint-Eustache. He will also recite poems and texts from the greatest works of French literature, bringing to life the works of La Fontaine, Molière, Baudelaire, Apollinaire and René Char.

On June 21 , Luminiscence invites you to an exceptional musical experience designed to magnify the Church of Saint-Eustache at a very special price: €25 so see you on June 21? PLACES ARE LIMITED!

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2 impasse St Eustache
75001 Paris 1

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SCHEDULEJune 20 & 21, 2024 Live Electro Lyrical version 20/06 - 2 sessions: 10pm and 11:30pm 21/06 - 2 sessions: 9:50pm and 10:50pmRATESCategory A = 45€ | Category B = 35€ | Category C = 25€ SPECIAL RATE LUMINISCENCE MUSIC FESTIVAL 25€ PER SESSION

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