The Café Contresort, coffee-shop and esoteric tea room with bewitched pastries

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Published by Graziella L. · Photos by Graziella L. · Published on March 5, 2023 at 03:27 p.m.
The Café Contresort is a real enchanted parenthesis in the 18th district of Paris. Vegetable pastries, witches' elixirs, and card draws are mixed in this magical den from which one comes out changed.

Mathilde Fachan, astrologer, author and restaurateur, and Eloïse Mehard, pastry chef and chirologer, created the only esoteric café in the capital in 2020. Big fans of sweetness and the figure of the witch, these two friends offer their apprentice wizards the promise of tasty moments in their café with a retro and magical atmosphere. Between broomsticks on the walls, grimoires on the shelves and bewitched food, those who have always wanted to become witches are served at Café Contresort!

Le Café ContresortLe Café ContresortLe Café ContresortLe Café Contresort

Made on site, all the pastries are vegetal, with gluten-free options. In fact, Eloise grows the organic and edible plants and flowers that you'll find on your dishes. There is also a bit of savory with the Mortal Pie (a killer), the Witch's Cauldron (served in a real cauldron), falafels, waffles or even melted cheese chips, for lunch.

Le Café Contresort - IMG 0600Le Café Contresort - IMG 0600Le Café Contresort - IMG 0600Le Café Contresort - IMG 0600

As for drinks, there are many potions and elixirs with names related to magic. The incredible magic lemonade changes color and the magicians at Café Contresort have thought of every detail. Several magic potions have medicinal properties, like the Bananacadabra, made with almond milk, tonkabean , banana and mucuna, which will put you in a good mood or the Anxio Reducto, with red fruits and CBD, which will soothe your anxieties. The non-alcoholic cocktails are named after famous witches, such as Mary Poppins, Karaba or the Fairy Godmother. The Marie Laveau, a tribute to the voodoo priestess, with vanilla and passion juice flavors, is even served in a bayou crocodile!

But the house specialty is the Zodiac Wheel cupcake, a must-have! Right now, it's Virgo season, and her cupcake is worth the trip, buckwheat cookie, buckwheat praline heart and fig confit come together perfectly to represent harvest, wealth and abundance. We can't wait to see what the Balance cupcake will look like at the end of September! But let's not forget the chocolate and matcha fudge, the passion fruit cake or the peanut banana bread.

Le Café ContresortLe Café ContresortLe Café ContresortLe Café Contresort

In addition to treating our taste buds, Café Contresort offers theme evenings, astral theme readings or palm readings, but also books and tarot cards available for self-service on site. A little corner of paradise for esotericism lovers, in a benevolent and open-minded atmosphere.

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